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strengthTitle: Strength
Author: Carrie Butler
Publisher: Sapphire Star Publishing
Publication Date: March 2013
Classification: New Adult Novel

Summary from Goodreads:

When college student Rena Collins finds herself nose-to-chest with the campus outcast, her rumor-laced notions are shattered. Handsome, considerate, and seemingly sane, Wallace Blake doesn’t look like he spends his nights alone, screaming and banging on the walls of his dorm room. Hell, he doesn’t look like he spends his nights alone, period.

Too curious for her own good, Rena vows to uncover the truth behind Wallace’s madman reputation–and how two seconds of contact had left her with bruises. Of course, there are a few setbacks along the way: guilt, admiration, feelings of the warm and fuzzy variety…

Not to mention the unwanted attention of Wallace’s powerful, supernaturally-gifted family.

They’re a bloodline divided by opposing ideals, two soon-to-be warring factions that live in secret among us. When Rena ends up caught in their crossfire, Wallace has no choice but to save her by using his powers. Now they’re really in trouble. With war on the horizon and Rena’s life in the balance, he needs to put some distance between them. But Rena won’t let go. If fighting is what it takes to prove her own strength and keep Wallace in her life, then that’s what she’ll do–even if it means risking a whole lot more than her heart.

My Thoughts:

First off let me just say that the cover of this book is really yummy! I know I don’t want to judge the book by the cover but let me just say that I love the look of the guy and I really love that he has the tattoo which I didn’t figure out how important that was until later on in the story.

Ok moving on from the hot guy on the cover…

I have to say I loved the feel of the book right off the bat. I got to meet Rena and her college friends and of course the sexy guy on the cover, Wallace Blake! I have to say I loved the setting, it is not often we get to see college kids in their own environment and I really loved the slower pacing to the start of the book. I loved the opportunity to get to know the characters more and connect with what was going on before any romantic relationship was developed. I feel this is really the best way to start a book. I love when I get to spend time with the characters and get to know them before their world changes forever. I often feel like paranormal and dystopian books will just throw you in the changed world in the first few pages and that is a good action packed way to start a series but I liked the slower beginning to this story because it did offer something different than the standard way of starting this type of book. I have to say I enjoyed the entire plot and I just don’t want to say that much about it because I know I don’t want to ruin where the storyline does go.

I can talk about the characters though! I really loved Rena, I felt that she was the type of girl who was maybe a little confused about her life and isn’t everyone when they are in their early 20s a little unsure of some part of their life or themselves. I liked that she was able to work her way through all of that in the story though. I was grateful that Wallace was there to be her strength when she needed him, how even though he knew it was a bad idea to get involved with her he did it anyway. I loved that he was a mix between a sweet guy and yet had that slightly darker edge to his personality. I really have to say congrats to Butler for not making him the jerk of a male character who thinks he is Gods gift to women. I liked that he was compassionate and yet knew how to bring a little spice. I enjoyed watching Rena and him fall for each other because it wasn’t instant love and so once again Butler gains my love of her writing.

Overall, I have to say I could hardly put this book down even though I’ve been studying like a crazy person for finals at school. I was so engrossed in what was going to happen next that I never gave a second thought to how many pages I was reading or how much longer it would take to finish the book. I was along for the journey and I really liked the relationship growth that Rena and Wallace had and I like that their relationship isn’t set in stone yet, there is still room for them to grow and change, to learn more about one another. I guess it is a happy for now ending instead of forever since there are more books in this series. I personally can not wait to see where the characters go in the second book and how life changes for them.

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  1. Amy J

    I hadn’t heard of this book before now. Definitely going to add it to my wishlist! And yes, that cover is yummy!

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