Harry Potter Read Along Week #5 Answers

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It’s important that if you are re-reading this series that you answer the questions based only on the knowledge that we have so far!

1. We’ve discovered that Argus Filch is a Squib (a non-magical wizard). Would you rather be a Squib or a Muggle?

Why do I ask so many hard questions? I have to say that I think I would rather be a Muggle and not know that the world exists. I know myself well enough to know that if I knew there was something out there that I couldn’t do it would bother me so much that I wouldn’t be able to think much beyond that. It would be with me no matter where I went. To be forced to be constantly on the outside looking in would definitely make me bitter.

2. When Harry, Ron, and Hermione are found standing in the corridor where Mrs. Norris has been attacked, suspicion is immeadiately thrown on the trio. Much to Harry’s surprise, Professor Snape speaks up on their behalf. This is after trying to have both Ron and Harry expelled for the flying car incident. What do you make of this?

I’m glad to see that Snape is more dimensional than just a Harry Potter hater. πŸ™‚ I’m so glad that he has more to him and that JK Rowling is starting to share more of his personality.

3. DObby comes to visit Harry after Harry is hit by a bludger. Dobby admits to sealing the gate to the Hogwarts Express and to jinxing the bludger all in order to save Harry Potter’s life. What are your thoughts on Dobby after these admissions?

Aw! Dobby has such adoration for Harry Potter that it’s kind of hard to stay mad at him. Even if he did try to save Harry’s life by throwing a crazy bludger at him. I hope that we get to see more of him in the rest of the book.

4. It appears that the Chamber of Secrets is not simply a myth because Muggle-born students are being attacked. As a student, would you have been able to keep your focus on your schoolwork or would you be experiencing too much anxiety to work properly?

When I’m stressed out I work. I clean when I’m mad, when I’m upset at work (or just really need to focus) I plugin my headphones and just keep working. It’s when I have nothing to do when the anxiety starts to creep in. I probably would have been good during the school term but on Christmas break I would have a mess.

5. Harry, Ron, and Hermione use Polyjuice Potion to infiltrate the Slytherin common room and interrogate Draco Malfoy. If you had one hour to impersonate someone, who would you be and why?

My instant thought was to become a celebrity for an hour, get in touch with their financial adviser, and wire a large chunk of money to a bank account in Switzerland. That doesn’t say much about my moral compass does it? After that very short thrown together plan I realized that I’d probably get caught and then prosecuted. SO I’m going to need a better plan. Got it. I’ll just make a large cash withdrawal. Get enough cash set aside too keep me in cola and books for life. πŸ˜‰



6 Responses to “Harry Potter Read Along Week #5 Answers”

  1. ALexa

    I’m with you on the muggle thing. I would hate to know there is this whole beautiful world full of magic and that I would never learn how to do that magic. It would drive me nuts as well.

    I’m also like you in the fact that I would usually just focus really well on my studies unless it was late at night when I’m trying to sleep but my brain won’t let me stop worrying about the huge monster that is going to kill us all!

    Oh Snape…lol

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    • Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter

      I couldn’t take it. I would suffer from a constant self-esteem issues.

      It’s SO hard not to talk about Snape! πŸ™ If anyone hasn’t read that book yet, I hope they’re participating because I WANT so hard to have a “virgin” to that story. πŸ˜‰ I want to experience vicariously through someone else. Lol.

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