Harry Potter Read Along Week #2 Answers

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Here are the questions for Week 2. Answers should be posted on April 8th.

It’s important that if you are re-reading this series that you answer the questions based only on the knowledge that we have so far!

1. When first years reach Hogwarts they are separated into school houses; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Which house would you be in?

I thought about this a lot after I decided to pose this question. I want to answer so badly that I would be a Gryffindor because that’s were the cool kids are. Truth of the matter is that I am not brave at all. I’m just not. I think that I would be in Ravenclaw. I can totally rock a planner and studying like you would not believe. πŸ˜‰ I’d probably even be besties with Luna.

2. Were you surprised that bumbling, sweet Neville Longbottom was sorted into Gryffindor and not Hufflepuff?

I was so surprised that Neville ended up in Gryffindor and not in Hufflepuff. Not to be all judgy and using labels but Neville is such a sweetie and a bit of a bumbler. I really did see him as a happy go lucky friendly Hufflepuff.

3. Harry receives the invisibility cloak from a mysterious source on Christmas day. What would you do if you had an invisibility cloak?

Oh the things that you could do with an invisibility cloak! I’d use it just to freak people out because I am a bit obnoxious like that. Could you imagine the looks that you would get driving a car with the invisibility cloak? πŸ™‚ I would not use it to learn things. I’m a horrible secret keeper and I don’t like knowing things that I shouldn’t know. It doesn’t sit well with me.

4. The Sorcerer’s Stone can keep you immortal. Would you chose immortality? Why or why not?

At this point in my life, I think that I would chose it. It would completely suck to watch the people you love pass on but at the same time there are so many things to see and do and you could never fit that all in one lifetime. Not to mention, ALL the books!! ALL the books people!!!

5. Snape is playing a prevalent role as the baddie teacher. Who was your worse teacher and why?

Oh the stories I could tell. I remember a substitute teacher that we had once and only once. EVER. We were in seventh grade so we had all of those rebellious emotions and high hormones at our disposal. I believe his last name was Rader because the kids kept calling him re-fridge-RADER-RADER. (Weird milk commercial at the time.) There were kids running up and down the hall and it was just uncontrolled chaos for a solid 45 minutes. It was horrible for a rule follower like me to have to sit through that knowing that the next day was going to be hell. And it was. We were ripped up one way and down the other. It was not pretty. So yeah, that’s one of the more horrible school memories I have. Really I was lucky to have some pretty great teachers during my time. Ssssshhhh. Don’t tell them!



8 Responses to “Harry Potter Read Along Week #2 Answers”

  1. Melissa @ Harley Bear Book Blog

    Yay we’d be in Ravenclaw together! I love shiny books and organized planners.

    I never even thought about using the stone to finish my TBR pile lol. I’m pretty sure I’d need one to get through that massive list of books I want to read.

    And freaking people out with the cloak would be awesome. Can’t belive I didn’t think of that either.

  2. Shannon

    Who’s this Luna character you speak of? She’s not in the first book πŸ˜‰

    Great idea to play tricks on people with the invisibility cloak. That didn’t even occur to me. I was focused on solving the Nicolas Flamel and what’s-Fluffy-guarding mystery. My responses (plus other ramblings) are posted on the Goodreads group. Here’s the link again: http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1273826-sorcerer-s-stone-week-2

    This is such a fun weekly activity. Glad to be a part of the group!

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