Harry Potter Read Along: Harry Potter Book One Questions

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Harry-Potter-ButtonI’m going to post all of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Answers here!

Week #1

  • 1. At the beginning of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Dumbledore makes the decision to leave Harry in the care of his aunt and uncle. We see the results of that decision when Ron and Harry have a run in with Draco on the Hogwart’s Express. Do you agree with Dumbledore’s decision or do you feel Harry should have been brought up among his own people?
    I think Dumbledore had a hard decision to make. I think he wanted Harry to be raised out of the crazy life he would have had with so much fame from being a baby and on. His ego might have gotten out of control and he wouldn’t be the same boy we all love in this series.
  • 2. Hagrid comes to rescue Harry from the Dursley’s in a shack on a rock. If you were Harry would you have left with Hagrid?
    I’m not sure I would have left with Hagrid although I’m sure it would have been a great adventure 😉
  • 3. Harry has a lot of info to digest all at once. He finds out he’s a wizard, there’s a whole magical community, his parents were in fact murdered, and the same wizard you killed his parents attempted to kill him as well. How would you have reacted to all of this?
    I would have been very freaked out and probably wouldn’t believe it. After all we do live in a plain world and if someone told me I was a witch and there was a whole magical world, including a great evil wizard. I would honestly think the person when off their meds.
  • 4. Hogwarts students are allowed an owl, a cat, or a toad. What animal would you choose and why?
    I would go with an owl for the purpose of sending mail and I always thought flying would be very interesting to experience if I was a bird myself.
  • 5. For the first time in his life, Harry has money and the chance to spend it however he wants. What would you have purchased at Diagon Alley?
    I would have been like Hermione and went to the bookstore to get as many books as I could about the wizarding world.

Week #2

  • 1. When first years reach Hogwarts they are separated into school houses; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Which house would you be in?
    I’m sure I would have been put into Ravenclaw. I would consider myself to be a great student and working hard in school has always been something I strive for.
  • 2. Were you surprised that bumbling, sweet Neville Longbottom was sorted into Gryffindor and not Hufflepuff?
    I think that Neville has room to grow. Maybe in the future books he will grow into himself and his spirit and be just as brave as the rest of the people in Gryffindor.
  • 3. Harry receives the invisibility cloak from a mysterious source on Christmas day. What would you do if you had an invisibility cloak?
    I would consider myself a Hermione type of person who wouldn’t want to go out sneaking out in the middle of the night but I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to help myself. A whole school full of magic to explore is a hard thing to pass up.
  • 4. The Sorcerer’s Stone can keep you immortal. Would you chose immortality? Why or why not?
    I think everyone likes to think that living forever would be a great thing. I know I’ve thought about living forever once or twice but I ultimately think that people are all different based on the time they were raised, etc. I feel you get one life and you should make the most of it. I wouldn’t end up using the stone.
  • 5. Snape is playing a prevalent role as the baddie teacher. Who was your worse teacher and why?
    I wouldn’t say I had bad teachers just teachers who didn’t care about their job. I believe all of my grade school teachers were really great teachers. I believe once you get to college you are around some teachers who just don’t give a crap about their job, sometimes you wonder why they became teachers. I remember having this really horrible online teacher who wouldn’t answer emails and was so rude in some of his online posts that he realized he was yelling at students (who are also adults) and then he would take his posts down. I’m just happy it was a completely online class and I never had to see the man face to face.

Week #3

  • 1. We find out that Professor Snape is going to referee the next Quidditch match. Thoughts?
    Of course I do not want Snape to referee the Quidditch match! Snape is out to get Harry I swear lol. These questions are hard to answer when you already know the series and what will happen down the road!
  • 2. Harry, Hermione, Malfoy, and Neville are serving out their detentions in the Forbidden Forest. they have a run in with the centaurs. Were Rowling’s centaurs what you expected?
    Well they are certainly different but I feel that way about most of the people and creatures in Rowling’s world. I think it is great that she has so many different takes on people and creatures.
  • 3. Quirrell? Huh. Didn’t see that one coming. What are your thoughts on this?
    I think Rowling did this on purpose. She is trying to get you to focus on the evil Snape and instead you don’t really pay attention to Quirrell until it is too late!
  • 4. I was all about hating on Snape. How do you feel now that he’s been revealed as the not bad guy?
    I feel that Snape has his own story to tell in time. We know he still isn’t fond of Harry but I think that over time they will learn to be around one another.
  • 5. What are your overall thoughts of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?
    I thought it was a great story. No one will ever again create a world just like this one. Many have tried to create boarding school books where kids go when they have powers but it will never be like Harry Potter. This world is so vast and we have so much yet to know and explore!



5 Responses to “Harry Potter Read Along: Harry Potter Book One Questions”

  1. Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter

    Dumbledore did have a very tough decision to make. It’s so hard to say what you would have done with Hagrid. On one hand you have the Dursleys who are horrible but familiar and Hagrid who is a stranger but has shown more kindness to Harry in one night than the Dursleys in eleven years.

    Ha! I hadn’t even considered a lack of medication. 🙂 Yay! Ravenclaw. That’s what I picked as well. Exactly! So much to explore. I wouldn’t want to find out secrets or anything but I would like to explore and learn.

    Very eloquent thoughts on the Stone. I have to say while I did chose immortality you bring up an excellent point.

    Wow. Yelling at students is never a good thing. Especially online, mostly because a lot of online interaction has a lot to do with your interpretation of the other’s meaning. It can sometimes be hard to get what you are trying to say through to other people.

    Thanks for participating! I enjoyed your answers. 🙂

  2. Melissa @ Harley Bear Book Blog

    I’d be Ravenclaw too! And I agree. It would be fun to explore the castle! I never took an online class, but I bet a lot of teachers are like that because it isn’t face to face.

  3. Michelle @ In Libris Veritas

    I would not be out after dark in Hogwarts…I mean it’s a fantastic place but knowing me I’d end up beyond lost in some forbidden corridor or a ghost would scare me and I’d end up having a panic attack in the hall, lol.
    I’ve never had an online teacher but some of college professors didn’t care about their job.

  4. Shannon

    So many Ravenclaws in our read-along group with Michelle holding the Slytherin banner and Hufflepuff for me. Fun!

    I’m getting the hang of checking out everyone’s blogs/answers and then adding my comments. Sorry to be the lone non-blogger in the group!

    Loved reading your answers. You’re so right about the time period a person is born into has a great impact on their character. It would be difficult to still be around 150 years from now and try to keep up with kids’ new-fangled technologies.

  5. Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter

    I know right? It’s even harder to come up with questions that you know everyone else already knows the not obvious answer to. It’s ridiculous sometimes. 🙂

    You’re right. It’s not just the centaurs that are different. Rowling has a way of making the unexpected seem so right.

    He’s a sneaky man that Quirrell….or Rowling is just a genius.

    Oh, I have a feeling that you may be right. 🙂

    The Sorcerer’s Stone is a fantastic opening book and I can’t wait to read the remainder of the series with everyone else!

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