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Hey there everyone! Remember me? I’ve been incredibly quiet this week and haven’t had any posts go up (due to a lack of organization and scheduling!). This week has been pretty bad for all of us I imagine (or at least a little shocking). It actually started for me on Saturday. My alarm clock on Saturday morning was not my cell phone as it normally is but the sound of a car driven by an 18 year old senior on the cusp of graduation slamming into (and flipping over) a low retaining wall of the parking lot next to my house. I’ve had a lot of conflicting emotions about this because my heart hurts terribly for the family but he was driving in excess of 80 mph in a highly populated and very busy intersection. I keep hoping that news will come out that there was a medical condition or a mechanical malfunction because the thought of his death because of pure young recklessness is too much to think about.

Then of course on Monday there were the bombings at the marathon in Boston and Tuesday someone attempted to send ricin to the president. It’s been a lot of crazy this week and it was best for me to just step back for a bit. This week was Once Upon a Chapter’s 3rd blogoversary but it just didn’t feel right to celebrate at the moment. Look for more on this next week!

This weekend I will have my 6 year old nephew so I still probably won’t be around too much but know that I will be planning and scheming and making lists! And in order to help cheer you up if you need it, here are a few things that made me smile today:

MSN did a slideshow of Photos to Reaffirm Your Faith in Humanity

and Pixar made a wonderful short that had me going with all sorts of “Awwwws!” and smiles:



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  1. Joani S

    That was a terrible thing to wake up to. How does one come to terms with that? I really appreciate the pics, and that Pixar short finally had me feeling a little better myself. Thanks!

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