Review: Trouble in the Tarot by Kari Lee Townsend

Trouble in the Tarot by Kari Lee Townsend

I truly enjoyed the third installment of the Fortune Teller Mystery series. Sunny is still her bright, exuberant self. Mitch Stone is still a little bit on the grumpy side but getting better with a little help from Sunny. The biggest difference in this book from the rest of the series is that Sunny and Mitch have decided to pursue a romantic relationship. Kari Lee Townsend does pretty well with this. There was one moment when it *almost* became a wallbanger but Townsend saved it at the last minute. 🙂

The normal cast of secondary characters are present. I’m still not sold on Granny Gert. She is a sweetheart but a little too addle-brained for my tastes. Of course I enjoyed Morty! He is my favorite character hands down. He’s haughty, fun, and knows what he wants and is not afraid to make it known. The story was entertaining and did keep me engaged through most of it. My biggest problem with the story (without giving much away) was the resolution. I felt a little let down.

But wait, Stephanie, you gave this book a four star rating but yet you were let down with the ending? Yep! Kari Lee Townsend has an amazing cast of characters. I adore the entire town of Divinity. All of the secondary characters really make this book. It was like getting together with old friends. If a book has characters that I love, I can compromise a bit with the storyline. I’m really hoping that the next book has a better mystery. Overall, if you enjoy cozy mysteries with great characters be sure to give this series a try!

2 responses to “Review: Trouble in the Tarot by Kari Lee Townsend”

  1. Agree with your assessment of why sometimes I can rate a cozy higher even if the mystery isn’t the greatest. It is all about the characters and setting 🙂


    1. Divinity is a great little town and I LOVE the psychic elements of this book.


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