Review: Splintered by AG Howard

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Splintered by AG Howard
So many people have been raving about this book before it was even officially out on the market. I wanted to read it before all of the hype and after I read so many reviews praising the book I wanted to read it even more even though I have never been a huge fan of Wonderland.

The thing that really stands out in this book is the fact that everything feels so alive. The author makes each and every moment of Wonderland come to life with vivid descriptions and the signature madness that is Wonderland. I would have to say that the author does an amazing job of highlighting the difference between sanity and beauty and insanity and just plain madness. I feel like this overall theme that held true throughout the whole book really makes the reader feel like they are standing in Wonderland right there with the characters.

The characters are also very interesting and amazing. The lead Alyssa really knows nothing about the true Wonderland so it was such a rush to explore with her. Plus she has a huge heart since she is only going to Wonderland so she can clear her family curse once and for all. Then there is Jeb, he is a mix of a sweetheart and a punk, it makes for an interesting combo between good and that slight bad side to him. Then there is Morpheus…oh dear there could be a whole book about this man and I would not be bored to say the least. Morpheus was my favorite character throughout the whole book and it is pretty funny that the book was suppose to be about Alyssa but I feel that the book is really about Morpheus. He just demands attention any moment he is on the scene and I loved to love him and hate him all within one chapter sometimes. I never knew how I really felt about him, he was the character we love to hate because he feels like the villain instead of the hero. I could go on and on about him but I think we get the point.

Overall Howard’s writing is really something special and unique for the YA world. However, I felt at times that she might have been trying a little too hard to win over her readers. The descriptions while beautiful could bet a little much at times. There is a fine line between something being considered stunning and it going too far and becoming gaudy. I felt at times there were certain scenes that were just gaudy and hard to look at because you just didn’t see the point in all of the embellishments.



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  1. Tracy

    Enjoyed reading your review. I’d also heard raving reviews and refrained myself from buying this on iBooks because I’m expecting it to be a favorite (that and I’m in love w/ the cover). FYI ~ I just bought this from you 😉 ({} thnx for the book mark). <3

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