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Crafting and Cooking Saturdays 2-16-13

Crafting & Cooking Saturdays is going to be another new feature here at Once Upon a Chapter. I adore cross stitching (along with various other crafts!) and cooking but don’t do it often enough to validate a whole blog dedicated to either so you’ll get a weekly dose here! Doesn’t that sound like fun? Let’s get this first edition off with a great recipe! If […]

Turns Up The Heat: In Heat

Title: In Heat (In Heat #1) Author: Felicity E. Heaton Publication Date: June 1st, 2007 Content: Sex Scenes Goodreads Summary: A heat wave isn’t the only thing making London too hot for lawyer Kim. She’s been spending each night with a man who sets her body and heart on fire. The problem? He’s a man that always sprouts black fur and purrs, and he’s only […]

Let’s Talk Friday 2-15-13

Let’s Talk Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Smash @ Smash Attack Reads and Kt @ A Book Obsession. It was inspired by Melissa @ i swim for oceans. Each week a question is posed and participants discuss their thoughts and feelings. For a list of upcoming questions, check out Smash’s blog! This week’s question: What are your thoughts on book merchandising/promotions? Do you […]

Tackling My TBR Thursday {2}

Tackling My TBR Thursday is a new weekly feature at Once Upon a Chapter. I’ve used a feature before to highlight books in my TBR pile. The difference with this feature is that once a week I am going to highlight a book from my TBR “pile” (any book listed in my GoodReads profile before 2/7/13; clearly preorders do not count) that is going to […]

Turns Up the Heat Giveaway!!!!

Hello Everyone! Not only is this Valentine’s Day but we are also half way through the Turn Up the Heat Event! We here at Pages of Forbidden Love hope you have enjoyed the event so far. In honor of Valentine’s Day as well as the event we are giving one lucky person a chance to win a book. Go figure that we would giveaway a […]