Still On My Mind [17]

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Still on my Mind was created and is hosted by Haley at YA-Aholic.The purpose of this meme is to share a book you read months or even years ago that is still on my (your) mind every Thursday.

The Book Still on My Mind this week is…

The Stinky Cheese Man: And Other Fairly Stupid Tales


Goodreads Summary:

The entire book, with its unconventional page arrangement and eclectic, frenetic mix of text and picures, is a spoof on the art of book design and the art of the fairy tale. The individual tales, such as he Really Ugly Ducklingand ittle Red Running Shorts,can be extracted for telling aloud, with great success. Another masterpiece from the team that created The True Story of the Three Little Pigs!
-Horn Boo

Why It Is Still On My Mind

I am slowly working on planning my sisters baby shower since I don’t want to have to stress about it last minute and I created a secret board on Pinterest to help me gather my ideas. While I was doing that I stumbled across this book and couldn’t help but remember how much I used to enjoy it. It is a entertaining and silly book. My sister was actually the first one to read it to me. Now that I am thinking about it I really need to get my hands on a new copy. No idea what happened to ours. My sister probably has it. Anyway, what are some of your favorite silly children’s books?



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  1. Johnny

    Holy heavenly sweet jim christmas!! I remember this book. Its as though the brothers Grimm just got off a three day long acid trip and decided to write up a new version to stories. I loved this book. You must write a review for it. I hope I can find the book somewhere. Honestly, this book will scare children onjly because the stories are so weird.

    Oh and kudos to you planning a baby shower. Sounds like a lot of work but you are a workhorse so that shouldnt be too hard for you.

    Hmmmm any childhood books I remember reading that I havent read in a while….. Where the Red Fern Grows. Old Dan and Lil Anne… I loved those dogs.

    Honestly a lot of the children books I read were either goosebump books or comic books. And History lol

    Great post btw

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