Review: The Last Hunt by Bruce Coville

The Last Hunt by Bruce Coville
The Last Hunt by Bruce Coville wraps up the Unicorn Chronicles series with a fantastic story. He has been weaving his tale over the past three books and brings it all to a stunning conclusion. It took Coville almost two decades to complete the story but it was worth the wait!

Cara and crew must accomplish all manor of missions for the Queen and Luster. The Last Hunt is fast paced and all of my favorite characters got to make one last appearance. This young adult fantasy weighs in at a whopping 605 pages and there is not one page where something isn’t happening.

Overall it was a fantastic ride and I am so glad that I rediscovered this series!! 🙂

One response to “Review: The Last Hunt by Bruce Coville”

  1. I love the cover! I am not to much into fantasy but I am thrilled it was a great read for you 🙂 🙂 🙂 Such a good reading year so far! I think it is going to be fun 🙂


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