11 Responses to “Alexa’s Top 10 of 2012!”

  1. Pragya

    I haven’t even heard of most of these, just added them all. I LMAO at Johnny’ expressions when you were talking about Promises! 😀

  2. ~MoonStar~

    Cinder and Exiled are both on my to read list in 2013 🙂 Since I already got them. But didn`t get to read them during 2012 🙁

    I really enjoyed Legend aswell..
    Great list.. Though I haven`t really heard of the others 🙂 Thanks for new tips..

  3. Jamie@Addicted2Heroines

    So glad to see Unholy Magic on your list! I haven’t read a lot of the other, yet, but Personal Effects looks like something I’d really like. Thanks for the great list!

  4. Jenny

    Oooo Promises! That’s one of my favorite books:) I have reread Matt and Jared’s story an embarrassing number of times. I absolutely adored Cinder as well and I can’t wait to see what the rest of that series has in store for us. Fantastic list Alexa!

  5. Amy J

    I tried so hard to read the Stacia Kane books. Really. I just couldn’t make it through the first one. Backstage Pass was sooo amazing! Love Brian! And Four Play is still waiting in my TBR pile. We need to give each other a little kick in the pants this year on reducing our TBR pile. You grab mine, I will grab yours and we will force ourselves to read them!

    • Alexa

      Amy the first book was really hard for me to read as well but I made it through that one and the second was mind blowing! I loved the second one and so far I’m enjoying the third book.

      Lol that would be really funny if we read each other’s stuff. Maybe one day when I read a book or series you love I can stop by for a guest review on your blog. 🙂

  6. Bianca

    Quite a few of those are on my tbr list but sadly I have yet to read any of them. After hearing they were your favorites this year I know I should really get on it. There is just so much to read.

  7. Erica

    NINE RULES! YAYYY! I love that book. I also just LOVED Four Play! I have read quite a few of Maya Banks’s other books and loved them and really want to check out all the rest of hers, she has so many. I love it!

    I need to check out the others on your list too, particularly the Stacia Kane book! I loved her Megan Chase trilogy, it was so good, so I need to read her other series. I have all the books I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  8. candace

    I read Cinder last year, otherwise it would have been on my list too. I also enjoyed Legend when I read it last year. And you already know I loved Exiled. Great list!

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