2012 Twilight Series Challenge: Eclipse Discussion

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I know that I’m basically the only one still doing my own challenge that I started but it makes me feel good to keep up with the original goals of this challenge. So keeping up with the timeline here is the Eclipse Discussion, which anyone can join in on in the comments. Don’t be shy, you don’t have to be part of the challenge to discuss a book. 🙂

The Questions:

1. Did you forgive Edward or was he leaving a bad taste in your mouth from how New Moon ended?

2. What did you think of Bella’s character and her decisions in this book?

3. The important question from this book would have to be… Edward or Jacob?

4. Favorite part of this book?

My Answers:

1. You know it is really funny because the first time I read this series I was for Edward the whole way through. However, for some reason Edward was just annoying to me in this book! I actually had to force myself to like him at times! I guess this time around I didn’t just forgive him for leaving Bella like I had the first time around, I guess I actually thought he needed to make things up to Bella instead of just assuming he had her back the moment he comes back into the story.

2. Ah yes Bella…
I guess I just wish Bella had made Edward work harder to get her back, I wish she didn’t just fall back into his arms and let everything go the way it had in Twilight. If I was Bella I would have expected Edward to show he deserved me, I would have made him work for it, make up for his mistakes.

3. New Moon gave me such a huge 180 degree look at Jacob that now I can’t live without him. I love his character so much more than Edward now and I can’t believe I didn’t even notice him the first time I read this series, I guess I was so blinded by Edward always that I never got to really appreciate Jacob. However, this time around I was literally in tears for the moments where Bella kept turning Jacob away or leading him on when she knew she was always going to pick Edward. Don’t get me wrong Edward has a lot of great qualities and I love that he is more mature, smart, has more in-depth conversations with Bella and all of that but I guess I miss that puppy love that goes on between Bella and Jacob. Jacob doesn’t have all the answers and he screws up a lot and doesn’t have the smooth words Edward always does to fix everything. I guess I really just enjoyed how Jacob could still be a 16 year old guy and fall in love for the first time. Everything between Bella and Edward is always so serious, not the way a first time relationship should be. I could sit here all day and talk about this but I think my clear winner this time around would have to be Jacob.

4. Oh goodness my favorite parts are really hard to pick out now that my “team” has changed. My favorite moments were always when Edward and Bella got to spend time on the bed, him proposing and the lot. Another favorite moment always was when they got to talking in the tent at camp and Jacob had to come be her space heater. I guess since I don’t love Edward as much as I once did these parts were still special to me but they lost a little of their touch to be replaced with moments spend with Jacob. I have to say I’m the sick person who actually loved the end of this book where Bella has to go tell Jacob that she has already picked Edward. Poor Jacob can’t escape since he is still healing and Bella just rips his heart out and it was so emotional and hard to read about, especially since I knew she was going to do that to him. Sigh I just can’t help my new found love of Jacob. I wish that Meyer would write a new series that centered more around him and how he would fall for Nessie down the road.

Please be sure to share your thoughts with me on Eclipse or this series in general.



5 Responses to “2012 Twilight Series Challenge: Eclipse Discussion”

  1. Traci @ The Reading Geek

    Great discussion! Eclipse is one of my favorites in the series actually and I definitely share mostly the exact same favorite scenes as you. I’m still not a big Jacob fan though. I liked him more but I never loved Jacob. I guess I’m just way too much on Team Edward. I totally agree though that Bella went back to Edward too quickly and she should have made him work for it. Their whole reunion was just too instantaneous for me.

  2. Evie

    I’m a Jacob fan and I’m really happy with your answers 🙂 Yes, I agree that he’s not perfect but I guess that’s why I really like him.

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