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Ashley Robertson

Published July 1, 2012

Guardian angel Selene was so close to becoming an archangel—the supreme of all beings—until she fell in love with Cole, a forbidden dark one. Once she discovers her vampire lover has been kidnapped and the only way to save him is by abandoning her number one priority—Caitlyn, her human charge—there really is only one answer in Selene’s mind, even though leaving Caitlyn unguarded will most likely cause Selene to fall from grace.

But her choice to save Cole doesn’t come without a price…and now Selene is racing against time to not only save her dark lover, but find a way to keep Caitlyn alive as well.

 With the help of a new vampire ally, Luke, Selene will push her diminishing angel abilities to the point where her very existence lies in the balance. Now threatened with the chance of becoming a fallen angel or even dying, Selene can only pray she’ll have enough time—and good grace—to save the ones she loves.”

Cover Design By: www.phatpuppyart.com


Out of nowhere something big slammed into me, taking me to the ground. I spun around and rose as fast as I could. My attacker was nowhere in site. I went from afraid to pissed off in a matter of seconds. “Watch yourself!” I called out. “You do not want to challenge me!” It’s funny how anger brings along confidence.

I waited for a response but didn’t get one. “Show yourself! I command you to show yourself now!” I held my right hand out in front of me, fingers stretched, then hesitated. I didn’t want to use my powers, but the clock was ticking and it seemed to be the only way I’d get any cooperation. Unfortunately if I used too much energy, it would send a signal back to Raphael. When an angel uses enough of their magic, it’s like activating a built-in GPS with a flashing light that says, “Here I am.” Most superiors pay no attention to this, but my boss had threatened to spy on me too many times. Was he bluffing? God only knew. Obviously I’d prefer Raphael not knowing my whereabouts right now, so limiting my energy use was my only sure way. But if I lingered here too long, he’d eventually figure it out anyway, hence the ticking clock.

About the Author:

Ashley Robertson resides in sunny Orlando, Florida and loves reading and writing about everything urban fantasy and paranormal romance. When she isn’t writing you’ll find her spending time with family and friends, training in her home gym, traveling and exploring new places, drinking fine red wines, and making gourmet coffees with her Nespresso machine. Visit her website to learn about her upcoming releases, guest blog posts, and featured giveaways at: www.AshleyRobertsonBooks.com

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First up I have an awesome giveaway for the winner’s choice of an E-Book or Paperback Copy of Unguarded! Please be aware that if you are an international participant you can only get the E-Book copy. Also for any US entries that would like the paperback copy please note that paperback copies will not be shipped until late August.

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10 Responses to “Unguarded Tour Excerpt & Giveaway”

  1. mandee wyrick

    I would love to read this book because I read Crimson Groves by Ashley and I absolutely loved it! Thank you for hosting this giveaway! 🙂

  2. Rebecca Hipworth

    I really like the sound of this book, it sounds completely unique and quite dark. I will definitely be checking this one out. 🙂

  3. cody

    Thank you so much for the giveaway. I can’t wait to read this book. It’s an interesteing take on some common tpes of characters and I love how the Angels and human and vampires are all connected.

  4. erinf1

    Thanks for a great post and giveaway! This is the first that I’ve heard about this book and I’m definitely interested! Gonna be adding it to my wishlist 😉

  5. Jordan Erika Smith

    My most recent favorite was Until Darkness Comes, so I fell in love with angels! I’m really looking forward to a new angel book. Unguarded sounds like it’ll be an awesome addition! 🙂

  6. April Alvey

    This book sounds so awesome angels and vampires my favorite kind of book. Cant wait to read it.

  7. candace

    I really love this cover, the background is gorgeous. I’m a bit burnt out on angels but idk, this sounds good. Mostly I want that cover on my shelf….

  8. Lauren M.

    Wow, this book sounds amazing! Guardian angel and vampire? Together? Sounds right up my alley! And the cover is fantastic too!

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