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2012 Twilight Series Challenge: New Moon Discussion

2012 Twilight Series Challenge: New Moon Discussion

Even though this is part of a challenge anyone can join in on the discussion! The Questions: 1. Were you heartbroken when Edward left Bella early on in this book? 2. In your opinion is Bella strong or pathetic in her behavior when Edward leaves her? 3. Jacob plays a huge role in this book, do you love him or were you just secretly wishing […]

Scaling Mt. Read Me

Scaling Mt. Read Me is a feature where we will be pulling a few books that have ended up in the never ending TBR and spotlighting them here. Some of us can’t admit to having a to be read “pile” as it has exploded into it’s own mountain range, hence the name Mt. Read Me. When literature student Anastasia Steele is drafted to interview the […]

TuneIn Tuesday [19]

Tune In Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Ginger at GReads. It is a way to share with others old or new music you are listening to. You can link up and join on Gingers Blog. Go ahead and start sharing your awesome music! This was so hard to do. First I couldn’t think of anything and then I couldn’t make the list small […]

Tori Reviews The Vow by Kim Carpenter

The Vow by Kim Carpenter Format: Paperback Source: Personal Library Synopsis: A massive head injury, as the result of a tragic car accident, left Krickitt Carpenter in a coma just two months after her marriage to Kim. When she finally emerged from the coma, she recognized everyone in her life except her husband, Kim. Starting all over, they built a new love and dedicated their […]

Outlander Read-a-Long Chapters 22 – 28

This week’s questions are brought to us from Into the Hall of Books. Alexa is reading this book for the first time and Stephanie is re-reading it. It will be interesting to see how the opinions vary (or not)! Quick Note from Alexa: I’m currently a few chapters behind so I will come back to update this post in a few days with my answers […]