Operation: TBR Reduction Reboot!

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Operation TBR Reduction Button
Welcome back! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done an update and a lot of that has to do with the fact that I’m lazy! It’s been so hot here in the midwest that I really haven’t done much of anything. It takes too much effort. It was so hot outside that it was 86 inside our house with an air conditioner running full time. So yeah, pretty much the only thing you can do is lay around in front of a fan. 🙂

I think that when I started this I was more committed to the idea of reducing my to be read pile than I was to the action of reducing. 🙂 I have seen some people take the idea and really make some progress. To those of you who have found success: GO YOU!! I’m so glad to see someone being successful with Operation: TBR Reduction.

I had a happy successful moment yesterday. I was so proud! I did go to the library and check out a book. Seriously though how can you say no to this cover?

Then we went up to out favorite shopping place. I went to The Book Rack in Moline, IL. Not surprising I know. The surprising part: I only walked out with TWO books. Two books you guys! I was so proud. To top that we were near Books-a-Million and I didn’t go in! I sat in the car across from the store for about 10 minutes and didn’t even have the urge to go in. Nothing was calling to me yesterday. Not one damn thing. 🙂

I’m also going to borrow an element of Amanda’s (from On a Book Bender) ClockRewidners weekly post. She borrowed it from Tara from (from 25 Hour Books). It’s my GoodReads stats and it will be immensely easier for me to track my progress. It will also tell you what I’ve added and what I’ve read all in one easy list! Woot!! Who loves an organized list better than me?!

GoodReads Stats:

  • Read in 2012: 32
    • 11th Hour by James Patterson 3 Hearts
  • To Be Read: (This is anything that I own that needs to be read) 1801
  • Kindle Freebie: 176
  • Upcoming Reads: (This shelf is for books that I am planning to read soon.) 5
    • Beagelmania This is a library book that will need to be returned soon.
    • Honorable Rancher Barbara Whitte Daille will be on the blog at the beginning of August and I need to get this one reviewed soon.
    • The Librarian A Kindle freebie. I’m trying to read some of these books that I’ll get simply because they were free!
    • Anna and the French Kiss I’ve heard so many great things about this book and it’s really been setting in Mt. Read Me too long!
    • Chasing the Sun I’ve been meaning to finish this one for so long. I can’t wait to polish off this great series!

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6 Responses to “Operation: TBR Reduction Reboot!”

    • Stephanie

      I’m actually pretty picky about which free books I’ll download. I do get the Pixel of Ink emails and if a cover catches my eye then I’ll read the summary and if that sounds good, I’ll download it. I guess I just have SO many other books that I’ve paid money for that I tend to be choosier with the free ones.

      I know, I make NO sense but that’s my logic! Lol.

  1. Alexa

    Yay for only getting two books at the store! I’m really going to have to start back up my posts for my tbr reduction. I’m very hopeful now that I will cut my pile down since I only have one week left at my job which means less money to buy books since I won’t be working until I find a new job.

    Although my birthday is right around the corner so this might still lead to a high count on my pile lol.

    Alexa recently posted: Batman Cacophony
    • Stephanie

      It’s like a little celebration. I can’t remember the last time I exhibited that much self control. Lol. Book funds will determine the rate at which your TBR pile grows. I’m discovering the library is great in helping that effort too. You have to take back the books on time or they charge. 🙂 I’m learning to lean more heavily on the library.

      Hmmmm. Your birthday you say? 😉

  2. Lianne @ The Towering Pile

    Here’s my latest update: http://thetoweringpile.blogspot.ca/2012/06/june-2012-wrap-up.html

    My TBR pile has gone up every month. 🙁 So mostly this challenge has just made me more aware of the problem, lol. Probably it will go up this month, too… I thought it was going to go down, because I actually got rid of 5 books (yay me!), but it’s still not looking good.

    Lianne @ The Towering Pile recently posted: My TBR shelf by pages - 6 months later
    • Stephanie

      Mine did too which is why I did the reboot. It’s only been three days but I feel like I have a better handle on my goals than I did when I started this. Keep your head up! You can do it!

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