Deadpool: BFFs

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DeadPool: BFFs
Author: Cullen Bunn, Rob Williams, Tom Fowler, and Matteo Scalera
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Publication Date: June 2011
Classification: Graphic Novel




Summary from Goodreads:

Let me tell ya something, Ben Grimm! And when ol’ Deadpool’s yapping, you better listen and listen good! You may think you’re fantastic! But if you’re gonna walk that aisle and get in the ring, you’re better off with me than against me! I’m all about limousines, fine-looking ladies and–woo!–championship belts! By my side…under my tutelage…you might just amount to something! When it comes to clobbering time…it’s time to go to school! What ya gonna do when Deadpoolmania runs wild on you!?!

My Thoughts:

Q: What is funnier than a superhero that tells jokes?

A: A superhero that tells jokes and kills people.

But what is better than a superhero that tells jokes and kills people? A superhero that that isn’t really a superhero but is so dillusional that he think he is and breaks fourth wall.

If I have lost any of you along the way then fear not for I shall explain. I am simply referring to Deadpool. Whats that? Who the @%&# is Deadpool you say? Well he is the Merc with the Mouth. Consider him a cross between Spider Man and the Punisher. Spidey tells jokes. Punisher kills people. What sets Deadpool apart from them both is that he is insane. And he is perhaps one of my favorite comic book characters of all time.

When I am in the mood for a good solid read, I might pick up some Batman or XMen books. Some Avengers might suffice and maybe even some Fantastic Four (Never Wonder Woman. I hate her face, but I digress). When I want to be left in stitches while also enjoying a fine piece of comic literature, I will read Deadpool….and then the insane hilarity ensues.

A quick backstory might better help to understand why Deadpool is such a favorite character of mine, and it might also serve as a better way to keep you reading this post and feeling inclined to reply. See what I did there…I broke fourth wall. Or did I just speak to you, the fearless reader directly? Now what I did there was display another classic Deadpool character trait; I talked to my own thoughts. Deadpool is the only comic character that I know of that talks to the readers in the issues because he himself believes to be a part of the comic. Sometimes a character in the story will ask what is going on or something to that effect and Deadpool might reply, “Oh well that happened about two issues back. Don’t you follow the story?!’ His thoughts are portrayed in yellow text boxes and he talks to them frequently as if they are a character themselves, which often times leads to a lot of running jokes and constant banter. He never shuts up. Maybe I like him so much because he is so much like me in that regard. Did I also happen to mention he has a mutant healing factor that is on par with Wolverines? Deadpool is capable of regenerating any part of his body and that too is turned into a joke in the stories. One such instance occured in this bind up, BFF’s, which acts as a Deadpool Team Up. In one story, Deadpool is fighting alongside Ironfist when all of a sudden, his arm is chopped off. He makes a joke about it only being a flesh wound. INSTANT MONTY PYTHON REFERENCE. Aside from Deadpool thinking of himself to be in a comic, he also makes frequent pop culture references.

……….Come to think of it, none of that was backstory really. It turned into a Deadpool rant, just like how Deadpool would actually talk to the readers themselves. His backstory is clouded in secrecy…..just kidding, He lies. A LOT. Now…onto my thoughts about this bind up, which is Vol. 3 of Deadpool Team Up, collecting issues #888-883.


The first story is one in which Deadpool tries his hand in pro wrestling. The Thing of Fantastic Four fame is a guest in this issue. Eventually they team up to face off against an intergalactic alien wrestling council. It might sound a bit far fetched but its a comic and the premise of Deadpool makes it work. My favorite scene was when Deadpool found out wrestling is ‘fake’ or ‘scripted’. I was expecting more Hulk Hogan or Randy Savage references. Thank God they spared me from any John Cena references.

The second story featured an appearance from Thor, as Deadpool is mistaken for a thief, attempting to steal jewels from Asgard, which is now situated in Braxton, Oklahoma (dont ask). The main thing that had me laughing about is that Deadpool openly admits he finds Thor to be very attractive. At one point he even asks for his autograph. Eventually they fight an Asgardian Polar Bear.

The third story featured an appearance from Iron Fist. This issue is fun because throughout most of the issue, he is mistaken for SpiderMan and it is in this issue that he makes the Monty Python reference.

The fourth story is my absolute favorite in this bind up. This is the moment no one has been waiting for…the team up no one ever asked for…Deadpool teams up with HELL COW! I will not say anything else about this issue aside from this is probably the best way to understand just who Deadpool is as a character.

The fifth story featured Deadpool being spyed on in the mensroom by Uatu the Watcher. A lot of bathroom humor in this one as you might suspect but still a funny issue.

The last story features the Merc with the Mouth becoming the Herald of Galactus, all because he inquired about a listing in the Want Ads. I dare you all to find that on Craigs List under jobs.

There is nothing negative I can say about any of these stories or about Deadpool himself. The artwork is impressive and flowing. Its vibrant colors and deep texture really give new life to Deadpool and his tales. The writing is one constant joke after the other, but the story never suffers as it does progress the best it can for it only being a series of one shots. What exactly are you waiting for? READ THIS NOW!

Deadpool: He’ll talk until you surrender.

Five Skulls for being utterly ridiculous!



2 Responses to “Deadpool: BFFs”

  1. Nick @ Nick's Book Blog

    OK, so I read the first 2 lines of your review, and yes, I was very confused !
    I don’t read graphic novels. I’ve never even tried them, but that’s because where I live there are no graphic novels.
    Still, reading this actually makes me want to try some out because it sure does sound like you had great fun reading this one.
    If I were to start reading graphic novels, with what would you suggest I start with, Johnny ?

    • themetalship

      Well thank you very much for your kind words.
      Let me start off with saying that Deadpool is not for everyone but if you like a zany superhero with an itchy trigger finger, check it out. Non stop hilarity is always in store.

      If you are looking to get started with graphic novels, I suggest trying out some single issue DC New52 comics. Go to your local comic shop and for only about 3 bucks, find yourself the first few issues of Batman or Superman. What DC comics did was reboot the entire universe and started fresh. This way, everyone can get on board with the comics and not be lost in the 70 plus years of continuity.

      If you are looking for a stand alone graphic novel, I suggest the Watchmen. This would be if you are a fan of dystopian and adult novels. Nothing sexual here, but violent at times. The graphic novel has been named one of Time Magazine’s top 100 novels of all time. That is saying something there.

      Mainly, it all depends on your knowledge of superheroes. If you could give me a lil more information, I could more properly assist you 🙂

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