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Guest Post: Self Published vs. Major Publishing Houses

Today I am please to have Candace @ Candace’s Book Blog here to discuss self published books vs. major publishing house books. What things should an author consider before deciding? How about us book bloggers, should we take up precious reading time on indie reads? Candace answers all of this and more in her fabulous post. While independent publishing houses and self publishing weren’t widely […]

Tune In Tuesday [13] and Giveaway Winner

Tune In Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Ginger at GReads. It is a way to share with others old or new music you are listening to. You can link up and join on Gingers Blog. Go ahead and start sharing your awesome music! This week I just asked some family members what their favorite songs were at the moment to make a short […]

Stephanie Reviews: Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter

Goddess Interrupted #2 in the Goddess Test Series Author: Aimee Carter Format: Paperback Source: Public Library Reading Order: 1. The Goddess Test 1.5 The Goddess Hunt 2. Goddess Interrupted Synopsis:KATE WINTERS HAS WON IMMORTALITY. BUT IF SHE WANTS A LIFE WITH HENRY IN THE UNDERWORLD, SHE’LL HAVE TO FIGHT FOR IT. Becoming immortal wasn’t supposed to be the easy part. Though Kate is about to […]

Stephanie Reviews: The Goddess Hunt by Aimee Carter

The Goddess Hunt #1.5 in the Goddess Test series Author: Aimee Carter Format: Kindle Book Source: Purchased by Reviewer Series Reading Order: 1. The Goddess Test 1.5 The Goddess Hunt Synopsis: A vacation in Greece sounds like the perfect way for Kate Winters to spend her first sabbatical away from the Underworld…until she gets caught up in an immortal feud going back millennia. Castor and […]

Indie Spotlight: Easy

Summary: When Jacqueline follows her longtime boyfriend to the college of his choice, the last thing she expects is a breakup. After two weeks in shock, she wakes up to her new reality: she’s single, attending a state university instead of a music conservatory, ignored by her former circle of friends, stalked by her ex’s frat brother, and failing a class for the first time […]