Introducing Alexa

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Hi Everyone!

You may or may not have noticed that Stephanie was looking to add some reviewers to her lovely blog lately. While I’m not going to be here full time I’m going to be here part-time for June and July. Possibly longer than that depending on how much time I have while running my own blog and helping out over here.

Well a little about me, because I don’t assume that you all know who the heck I am…

I’m a 21 year old full time college student trying to earn my degree in Nuclear Medicine while working a part time job on the side. I know it sounds so fancy but if you know what a CT or MRI is then you basically know that there is a tech who puts you on one of those imaging machines…that is what I’m going to school for.

Lets see, I have a passion for reading that is why back in August of 2010 I started my own blog Pages of Forbidden Love. It started as a one woman operation and grew to include my boyfriend, Johnny, and recently a lovely blogger, Bianca, quit her own blog to come join us at Pages of Forbidden Love. So what was once a one woman show grew into something so much more and I couldn’t be happier about my blog.


Of course while I love my own blog very much I have always wanted to be able to help out a friend on their blog. Lately, many bloggers have been looking for associate reviewers, part time reviewers, a blog partner, etc. So since so many people were looking and I have a little time before my school semester starts again in August, I asked Stephanie if I could join her blog for two months to help her out and to have a bit of fun. I love blogging so I’m happy Stephanie is helping me make my wish come true of blogging with a great blogging friend while I’m giving her a helping hand at the same time.

So I hope you enjoy the reviews and posts that I will be writing in the coming up weeks!



6 Responses to “Introducing Alexa”

  1. Amanda

    Alexa, you're so sweet to help Stephanie! I know that having Kelly around my blog has been a huge help for me (and just plain fun), so I'm sure that you two will do GREAT THINGS! this summer. 🙂

    • Alexa

      Psh it is really Stephanie who is helping me out. I've always wanted to do something like this so I think it will be really cool to see how an associate reviewer acts since this isn't my blog so I don't control everything. 🙂

      I hope you like the posts I do here as well as stuff that Stephanie and I might do together like the Outlander read-along.

    • OUAC_Stephanie

      It's going to be awesome having some extra help! I'm hoping there are great things to come in the next few months. You and Kelly are so awesome! 🙂 you certainly work well together.

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