Clock Rewinders (3): Bringing about Change

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Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge is where Tara @ 25 Hour Books and Amanda @ On a Book Bender shamelessly plug each other, share the fantastic posts, giveaways, or whatever else we’ve found and loved by other awesome bloggers (or authors!) during the week, and talk about the books we plan on reading in the coming week.

Pages of Forbidden Love Recap:

Cornerstone Tour: Alexa’s Review
Tune in Tuesday (10) with Bianca
Happily Ever Endings…Embrace with Alexa
Johnny Reviewed: Catching Fire
Johnny Reviewed: Mockingjay
Bianca Reviewed: Immortal Beloved

In Alexa’s World:

 Well I have decided that I’m bored with my own blog Pages of Forbidden Love.
This is not an easy feeling and I have decided that I’m going to explore helping out on a friend’s blog (Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter)  in June and July.
No worries because I still have plenty of posts going up in June and July.
I just feel this will give Johnny, Bianca, and possibly Lindsay some more blog posting room and you will get to see more of them while catching me on the fly here and there.
Plus June and July are the only months that I can manage running between two blogs because my medical program starts in August and I won’t have time to be a blogger on more than just Pages of Forbidden Love.
So please don’t feel this is me saying goodbye, this is just me exploring something new for a small window of time.
As I have said I’m still going to be around on PoFL so no reason for mass chaos! 

(This message will probably be repeated in June in an Update Post for anyone who didn’t read this initial posting!)

Around the Blogging Community:

~ Ashley @ The Bookish Brunette is looking for an Associate Reviewer/ Blogging Partner in Crime! I’m sort of jealous because I wish I had time to be her blogging partner!

~ Loretta @ Between the Pages did a great review of Hemlock, makes us all believe we can fall in love with werewolves again!

~ Amanda @ On a Book Bender made me wait and wait to see her Goals Post for Bout of Books!
(Which Bout of Books is next week for all of you last minute people who have yet to Sign Up!)

~ Check out what book Miss Vain @ Miss Vain’s Paranormal Fantasy thinks a guy should read to Brush Up on Sexual Favors!

~ Last but certainly not least, author M.R. Merrick did a series of posts on success that you should certainly check out!
Success Part I, Success Part II and Success Part III

Books We Received:

Awesome People Mentioned:
Loretta @ Between the Pages
Amanda @ On a Book Bender
Tara @ 25 Hour Books
Angela & Duke @ Reading Angel



9 Responses to “Clock Rewinders (3): Bringing about Change”

  1. Liz. R

    Some great books this week! Really like the sound of Princesses of Iowa and Daylight Saving (which I have seen before, but I don’t know much about it). Haven’t seen anything about Personal Effects, but it does sound quite different, so hope you enjoy it. Happy reading! 🙂

  2. Bianca

    I watched The Avengers this last friday and I really liked it. I hadn’t seen either Iron Man movie or Thor before it so my cousin and I watched both Iron Man movies the next day lol. I watch Glee all the time! I am two episodes behind this season.

    Looks like you got some good books Alexa :)Daylight Saving sounds pretty interesting. I also love the covers for the Fallen series! The second one has to be my favorite cover of them though.

  3. Elodie @ Once Upon a Quote

    Great haul Alexa 🙂 !! I didn’t like the first two books in the Fallen series so much but I know a lot of people love this series so I’m hoping you will too !!
    Happy reading !

  4. Stephanie

    I’m so excited to work with you in June and July! 🙂 Maybe we can work on the Outlander questions together?

    There for a minute towards the end of the video your voices dropped by like decibels. It sounded as if you were possessed. It was probably just my computer though. It hates me! lol

    Enjoy the books you got this week guys!

  5. Tara T.

    Stork was really cute! I loved that it was a totally original type of paranormal/mythological story. The love story was a little…ehhh…But I still plan on finishing the second one. I haven’t read the second one yet though.

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