Character Interview with Dougal & Glenna from Sound of the Heart

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Today I am lucky enough to sit down with Sound of the Heart’s very own Dougal & Glenna! I adored Dougal and his determination to live. Glenna has an amazing inner strength and a survival instinct I’ve never come across in a heroine. Without further ado, I’ll start the interview! Let’s start with some questions for Dougal.

Stephanie: How did you feel when you drew that slip of paper?

Dougal: That wee white paper back at the fort? I havena thought on that in a while. There are a great many things I try no’ to think of, an’ that’s one of them. Now that ye ask, I can feel it again in my fingers. How did I feel? *snort* I felt sick. LIke bad mutton was findin’ its way back up. John had come to feel like a brother to me, aye? An’ when I kent it had come down to the two of us, well, I couldna feel anything’ but bad. Aye, I’ll admit I was glad no’ to have to face the trial myself. But … well, I picked a white paper, an’ it felt black to me.

Stephanie: How bittersweet was it when you were given back your plaids?

Dougal: Bittersweet, aye, but I must tell ye I felt angry as well. I shouldna have to feel grateful to wear my own birthright. ‘Twas like they were giftin’ us, like givin’ a wee doggie a bone, when it’s the English themselves who are dogs. I was glad to feel the plaid around me, to shed those cursed breeks, but I ne’er should have had to give it up in the first place.

Stephanie: Will you go to find Andrew?

Dougal: If Andrew is alive, we’ll find each other. In my heart, I canna believe he’s dead, so I imagine I’ll be listenin’ for his voice until that day arrives.

Stephanie: Glenna, how terrifying was it for you during the Battle of Culloden and the events thereafter?

Glenna: Ye’re kind to ask such things. Dougal an’ I, we talk of them, but I canna really share that all too often. Thank ye for speakin’ wi’ the both of us today, havin’ us here on yer blog an’ all.

Culloden was … bigger than anythin’ I’d e’er seen before. Aye, there were other battles, like Prestonpans, but this one was massive. An’ oh, we were ill. All of us starvin’ an’ sick an’ worn wi’ lack o’ sleep. We were doomed from the start, an’ I think we all kent that before the first cannon boomed. In my memory I still hear it. I smell the smoke an’ the muck o’ the moor an’ the blood, but more than that, I hear the screams. God, I hope the world ne’er again sees a battle like that. After that, those months in the ship an’ the fort, well, ’twas just dark. Everythin’ was black in my heart. Wi’out Joseph I ne’er would have lived. I dinna want to speak more on that, if ye dinna mind.

Stephanie: If you could offer victims of rape any advice, what would it be?

Glenna: To keep in mind that a man can break yer body, but ye mustn’t let him kill yer spirit. At the time I wanted to die, an’ I thought a part of me had died, but I was wrong. When I got past it, moved on so I was strong in myself again, I was still whole. An’ never never blame yourself.

Stephanie: What do you think of America?

Glenna: I love America. I love the warmth in the air an’ the openness o’ the people, though I ken well enough not all of them are well-meanin’. People have come here from all o’er the world, an’ we’re all tryin’ to find our place here. But it’ll be fine by an’ by.

Stephanie: Now these questions are for both of you. Where do you go from here?

Dougal: Do ye want to answer that?

Glenna: I suppose so, but I’m no’ sure o’ the answer, am I? Ye’ve told me we’ve a home waitin’ for us, an’ ye’re all mysterious o’er that –

Dougal: I told ye. It’s a surprise. But ye’ll love it.

Glenna: So ye say. Truth is I’d no’ care what we did, so long as we’re together. I’ll no’ live apart from ye again, Dougal MacDonnell. Now quit yer grinnin’. Ye look a right loon.

Dougal: ‘Tis only I like to hear ye say such things.

Glenna: Aye, well. I’d like to live as we did in Aberfeldy, wouldn’t ye?

Dougal: That’d be grand. Trust me, Glenna. Ye’ll be happy where we’re goin’.

Glenna: No more ships?

Dougal: No more ships.

Stephanie: Do you see children in your future?

Glenna: No. In all that time in the Highlands I didna once get wi’ child. I suppose my body’s no’ built for bairns. Maybe because I grew up rough an’ hungry.

Dougal: That’s all right. I dinna need anythin’ but ye.

Glenna: Oh you sweet talker.

Dougal: ‘Tis the truth. I’d love to see a child wi’ yer eyes an’ smile, but I’m happy just to be wi’ ye.

Stephanie: Do you think you’ll ever go back to Scotland?

Dougal: I dinna think so.

Glenna: I’ll ne’er board another ship as long as I live.

Dougal: Nor I. An’ we’re happy here. Scotland’s no’ the same as when we went to battle ten years past, an’ I’ve no desire to see what’s left of her.

Stephanie: I just want to thank you both so much for stopping to talk with me today! I greatly enjoyed reading your stories and hope that after spending a bit of time with you others will want to read them as well! If the interview didn’t intrigue you perhaps this great book trailer will!

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