Batman Vs. Bane

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Title: Batman Versus Bane
Author: Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan
Publisher: DC Comics
Publication Date: Feb 2012
Classification: Graphic Novel

Summary from Goodreads:
Bane, the villain who broke Batman’s back in KNIGHTFALL, steps out of the shadows and into the spotlight in this new collection of classic stories! First, discover Bane’s origin story in an epic that leads from a hellish South American prison to the streets of Gotham City, as Bane’s obsession with destroying Batman begins. Then, on a quest to learn the identity of his own father, Bane crosses paths with one of Batman’s greatest foes: Ra’s al Ghul, the immortal Demon’s Head, who attempts to recruit Bane in his plans for world domination.

My Thoughts:

I have said it before and I shall say it again; a really good villain can be even more enticing than the hero of any story. A villain exists for the sole purpose to torment and tempt the moral integrity of the hero. The villain might be maniacal, using extreme actions to carry out their acts, or the villain might be methodical and seek out to slowly unhinge the hero until the hero finally breaks. I say break because in this particular instance, that is exactly what happened. The Bat was broken. It did not happen in this exact story but that action serves as fuel for the overall fiery premise.

A little known movie is to be released in theatres this summer and may or may not make a significant dent in the box office. Raise your hand if you have heard of it….The Dark Knight Rises. Anyone?…anyone? Bueller…Bueller? Ok, so maybe a few of you have heard of this being the last in the epic trilogy of reimagined Batman films directed by visionary director, Christopher Nolan. But have you really had the time to investigate the movie itself? Everyone points to the Dark Knight being such an amazing film because of the brilliant performance of the late Heath Ledger (the Joker), and this only harkens back to my original notion of the dynamic between the hero and the villain. The Joker was always known as being Batman’s most formidable foe because he was his foil. They completed each other in a sick and twisted way, at least according to the Joker. They were destined to duke it out forever. How could Christopher Nolan hope to top one of the biggest blockbusters in cinema history? Easy; utilize the only villain that actually broke The Bat. Bane.

Batman versus Bane is a collection of two stories, Batman: Vengeance of Bane and Batman: Bane of the Demon  which tell the origin of the man that broke The Bat (note to reader: Batman Knightfall Part 1– a must read). This is a bind up from stories which were written in the mid 1990’s. Bane is probably one of the most cunning and intelligent of Batman’s foes.  In these stories, Bane’s life is told in such a way that makes him almost a sympathetic character. From the time of his birth, he is imprisoned to pay penance for the crimes of a father which he had never met. He grew up in darkness and only found comfort in reading and studying to become the ‘Bane’ of humanity. He trained his body to peak physical condition and became a brilliant tactitian and master strategist (in one instance of a story, he deduced the identity of Batman just by studying him for a period of time). That is the story of Vengeance of Bane. In Bane of the Demon, he garners the attention of the League of Shadows, a secret organization run by the immortal Ra’s Ah Ghul, also known as ‘The Demon’. Without giving too much of the story away, it would seem as though this story is what inspired some of the events which will take place in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ (I checked up on spoilers, sue me).

This was a quick read for me but a read that made me realize that Bane is not truly ‘evil’, but solely a product of his environment. Imagine yourself being imprisoned for crimes committed by a father you’ve never known. You spend your youth being beaten and kept in the dark recesses of a jail cell. You know nothing of comfort or compassion. Love is a fictional entity. How would you react or better yet, what would you become? It is in these tales the reader comes to understand the deep fascination Bane has with the Dark Knight and it is in these tales the reader comes to realize the most dangerous of foes are the ones that were born of darkness and misunderstood by all.

I enjoyed these tales and found them to leave me salivating at the thought of these actions being depicted on the big screen. For anyone wanting to see ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, I would most certainly recommend reading this as supplemental material.




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  1. The Blonde Zombie

    Awesome review Johnny!

    Just want to say massive thanks for the recommendations you gave me (for my 9yr old) the other week. I’ve almost tracked down all the graphic novels you suggested, I’m in the UK and graphic novels and comics are really hard to get!! Comic stores are so rare (unless I travel hours)I have to hunt online.

    My 9yr old will be watching Dark Knight Rises, there’s no way I could stop him,(the rating is a 15 so I’ll be sneeking him in the cinema) in fact it was him that made me watch Batman Begins, and I loved it!!! He’s just had an operation on his eye, so we’ll be seeing Avengers next week YAY!!

    I wanted to ask why you hate certain comics/graphic novels?

    • themetalship

      Well you are most certainly welcome. I have so many other graphic novels and comic books I could suggest, but it all depends on what your 9 year old really is interested in.

      As for why I hate certain graphic novels..its not really a matter of hate. Maybe hate is a strong word. Lets go with intense dislike or disinterest lol. Sometimes the characters just flat out suck, like Aquaman for instance. Any story involving Aquaman makes me want to stab hot pokers into my ears. Ya know, just something to take the pain of actually seeing Aquaman at all. Other times I can love the character and even the artwork might be fantastic, but its the story that kills it for me. For instance, Fantastic Four 1234 is a graphic novel by Grant Morrison and I was immediately interested in it for one reason alone: GRANT MORRISON. Great writer, in my opinion. However, I read some reviews on goodreads and I had to take a step back and question it. On Amazon it is only 8 dollars, but it would seem, judging by the reviews, that it would be a waste of 8 dollars. Sometimes, one just has to be cautious.

      Everything is a matter of taste. As soon as your son develops his own taste for things, feel free to hit me back and let me know. I would be more than happy to dish out some more suggestions.
      And yes….Go see the Avengers as soon as possible. Amazing flick.
      I hope your son’s eye operation went well and I wish him a speedy recovery
      EXCELSIOR! –thats a Stan ‘the man’ Lee reference…fyi 🙂

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