12 Responses to “IMM 70: We Are Back!”

  1. Lisa (Lisa's World of Books)

    Welcome back!

    Suggestion for the smelly book, put it in a plastic bag sealed with some baking soda or one of those scent things for a drawer. I think that might work. Happy one year anniversary!


  2. Bianca

    Just had to take a break from work so this was a great distraction. I don’t think I have ever gone through one of your videos with out laughing 🙂 I used to use paperback swap and then I just kind of stopped. I totally forgot about it until you just mentioned it. The readathon is this weekend isn’t it? Ugh I wanted to sign up but with the end of the semester comes deadlines so there goes that idea 🙁 Anyways, glad your back and hope you can get rid of that books smoke smell.

  3. Elodie @ Once Upon a Quote

    The Fault in Our Stars is soooo awesome !!
    I love your editions of the Uglies series .. I have the first book on my shelves and I look forward to read it !
    Happy one year anniversary to the both of you 🙂 !!
    Happy reading !!

  4. Erica

    You guys are adorable. Switched was pretty cool – I need to pick up the 2nd one yet. Don’t you just LOVE when you buy the whole series then don’t like it? That has happened to me too many times, and now I have been only buying book 1 until I read it, ha. Enjoy all your books 🙂

  5. Miss Vain

    Hey beautiful ring Alexa!!! Is that for your anniversary?? I know it’s on the right hand but is it meant to be an engagement ring???

    Have a wonderful week!! Happy anniversary!! Happy reading!! XO I’m glad you made it home safe from Chicago!! <3

  6. sharmin

    That’s a really nice ring. You guys are so cute!
    I really loved the uglies series covers!
    I hope you enjoy all the books, particularly John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. 😀

  7. candace

    You got The Fault in Our Stars on Pbs?! Wow! I was just going to add it to my WL on there to get a copy for my sister since I have a signed first edition I wont loan out and there was such a huge wait I didn’t bother. Its an amazing book though and I hope you love it!
    I have the Uglies series as well as Switched and Torn and need to read them still.
    Lots of great books guys! And happy anniversary!

  8. Pragya

    Happy Anniversary, guys!

    Too bad you couldn’t get into Looking for Alaska, it lured me into audio books. May be you can try the audio version. I liked it much better than The Fault in your stars, so can’t say what you will think about it.

    P.S. I love that cup! 🙂

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