Finding Home

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Title: Finding Home
Author: Cameron Dane
Publisher: Loose Id
Publication Date: March 2008
Classification: Adult M/M Romance Novel
Challenge: None

Content: M/M love scenes

Summary from Goodreads:

Picking pockets and stealing cars, Adam Reyes does what he must to survive. Working Chicago’s O’Hare airport, he feels pretty confident when he spots his next mark. Security expert Rhone Quinn can’t believe the wiry kid who grabs his cell phone almost gets away with it. Logic says turn the teen over to the cops, but Rhone is a man who trusts his instincts, and his gut tells him to offer the young man a job and a chance to begin a new life. Little does Rhone know that when he makes that choice it will forever change his life, too. Over the years that follow a mentor relationship turns into a unique, abiding friendship. It eventually leads to true equality between Rhone and Adam when Adam becomes a full partner in Quinn Security. Unbeknownst to Rhone, as time passes by, Adam is also falling deeply in love. With Rhone. Who isn’t gay. And who doesn’t know that Adam is. Then, one day, Rhone discovers the truth. Will Rhone’s new awareness of Adam’s feelings bind the men together even more intimately, or tear them apart for good?

My Thoughts:

I’ll admit to the fact that after finishing Lover Reborn by JR Ward I was dying for some M/M loving since Qhuinn and Blay are still having issues and we will not get to read their book until 2013! Well let me tell you that 2013 is just too far from now to wait for their story. So I guess in the mean time I decided to go looking for M/M adult romance stories and so with help of talking to Miss Vain @ Miss Vain’s Paranormal Fantasy and Goodreads I picked out some M/M adult romance for the months ahead while I wait for Ward to publish her next BDB book.

I was instantly drawn to the idea of this book so I decided to fork over the 4 dollars for a story that is not even 100 pages long. This is the downside to purchasing books like this, they always seem to be short stories that cost more than they should. Anyway on to the story…

I instantly took a liking to both our leading me. Adam was a toubled teenager that I knew could grow up to be a great male if given a little guidance and some stress taken off his shoulders. Of course Rhone just happened to be a victim of Adam’s sticky pick pocketing fingers and the magic just went from this page on. I loved watching the relationship develop between these two over time. You could really see Adam struggle with his feelings for Rhone throughout the book. I mean what man is going to turn gay for some teenager off the street. Straight men just don’t decide to become gay so it was painful to watch Adam struggle but it made me love him. I just generally liked both males and watching them overcome differences and try to live life was very interesting and I have to say I also like the other partners in the security firm and can’t wait to read their story in the next book.

Overall, this story did have some formating issues because there were little boxes with question marks in them along the way. I’m sure this was not the fault of the author but whatever company put the book in the nook format. The story also did suffer a few times because some of the wording was a little choppy or didn’t flow perfectly. However, I felt the characters could make up for some of the flaws that were along the way. This story gets 4 hearts from me for a good M/M read to pass the time with. I do hope to continue on to book two very soon.



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  1. Amy J

    YUM! Love me some M/M action!
    2013 is just too long for us! $4? I don’t buy too many ebooks because I read on my computer, but I might have to buy this one!

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