Fairy Blues

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Title: Fairy Blues
Author: J.L. Bryan
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: Jan 2012
Classification: YA Novel
Challenge: None

Summary from Goodreads:

The sequel to Fairy Metal Thunder.

With their enchanted instruments charming the crowds, the Assorted Zebras attract interest from record producers, and soon they’re off to cut their first album and music video. Jason and his friends don’t know they’ve just become pawns in a sinister plot by a cabal of evil fairies…

Meanwhile, Aoide and her band pursue a new strategy for regaining their stolen instruments, one that will take them into the most haunted region in Faerie.

My Thoughts:

First off aren’t the new covers for this series just beyond amazing! I think this is the cover choice that Jeff needs to stick with because it isn’t going to get any better than this! Moving on to the story and review…

At the end of Fairy Metal Thunder I knew I had to continue this story. However, at that point I felt the story was focused very heavily on Jason and his band members of The Assorted Zebras! Don’t get me wrong I really love Jason and it is so funny and cute to watch him as he grows up in Fairy Blues, but I wanted to see more of the fairy world. So Jeff made me beyond happy when he included more of Aoide’s story, who is the main fairy that Jason stole the instuments from, in this book.

With more of a glimpse into the fairy world I felt I finally got to see inside of Jeff’s head as he crafted this world. Seriously, being in the fairy world is like being thrust into Alice’s world in Wonderland. I swear after this trippy journey through Jeff’s vision I’m not sure I should ever go back but how can I stay away from this awesome place where gumdrops grow on trees, pumpkin patches come to life, and unicorns grow from dropping their horns into a pond! In the words of Ashley (The Bookish Brunette), can we say EPIC WIN!

Since I am so obsessed with the fairy world and the fairy aspects of this novel I thought some of the human world parts were just a touch boring in the beginning of the book because the record contract just didn’t seem that interesting. The main thing that I like about visiting Jason and his friends is watching Jason slowly grow up and starts to learn some lessons along the way. For some reason a part that stands out to me personally is when the girl he is crushing on, Erin is not looking and he checks out her figure. I just feel so bad for this poor guy, he would treat Erin so well and she is with that loser Zach! *slams head into wall* All I have to say is I need these two to get together! The best part though about these two is that their little romance is really one of many sub-plots, that is right folks, it is not the main storyline to this book. Which is what I love best about Jeff’s writing, the romance is not the central focus, we get to see more than just that.

Overall, there are a lot of plots going on in this book so there is always something new to be reading about. Towards the end of the novel is when the human world aspect of the story becomes very interesting as all of the plots come together. It certainly was a great ending but it leaves me wanting to start book three in this series as soon as possible. I just need to find out if Jason somehow manages to get the girl while still watching Aoide try so hard to get to man world to get her instruments back so her band can make money again in the fairy world. Ultimately, what I’m telling you is that I need more! This story gets 4.5 hearts from me!



4 Responses to “Fairy Blues”

  1. Nick @ Nick's Book Blog

    I’ve seen this series around, but I’ve yet to check it out. Your 4.5 stars definitely convinced me to do so ! The world in the book looks really awesome and I agree the cover is really pretty 🙂

    Great review, Alexa !

  2. Anne

    I hadn’t heard of this one yet, possibly because I don’t keep up with self-pubbed novels (I’ve gotten some really awful ones that the synopses sounded really amazing, which kind of put me off of the whole thing… I’m a horrible person I know!) But with such a great review, I’m definitely intrigued! I’ll be checking this one out soon as possible!

  3. Liz. R

    The covers really are amazing! I definitely love the sound of this series, I’ve always liked fairies. Glad you enjoyed it. Fab review, thanks!

  4. Andrea @The Bookish Babe

    I have a copy of Fairy Metal Thunder for a while now. I really need to get on that b/c I’ve heard the series is great. This was a great review and I’m happy to see you are still enjoying the series.

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