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Blogger Pages to Love is a newish feature here at Pages of Forbidden Love!
Basically the point is to highlight new and old bloggers that you should all check out!
(If you would like to be featured please send me an email at apk1princess(at)live(dot)com)

Today I am honored to have Sharmin from A Battalion of Words here!

A Battalion   of Words

About Me:

My name is Sharmin. I’m currently a college freshman and simply put, I love to read. I live in NYC. I was born in Bangladesh and I speak Bengali fluently but I’m more comfortable with English. I love my culture and I definitely think it’s a big part of me. I am also Muslim and that’s something that’s also a big part of who I am. I respect my religion and understand enough about it to realize it’s not what the media has been portraying it to be for the past couple of years. But above all, I’m just a normal teenage girl who likes to spend more time in bed curling up with a good book when she isn’t cramming for exams and racing to finish her chemistry homework than anything else. I love being in the company of good friends and family who I can relate my passion for reading with. I’m not very good at describing myself but I guess, for now, these are the things that are most important for me to tell you about me.

Blog Description:

My blog is still relatively new and I’m still learning to balance my school work with being a blogger. It’s been hard but I’m trying to post often. But I would like the main focus of my blog to be about book reviews. I don’t post reviews all that frequently because A. I’m simply not as fast a reader as a lot of the other great book bloggers out there! And B. I would rather have 1 thorough book review than 2 or 3 short and sweet ones. I like details in book reviews and try to discuss as many important elements of the book as I can. All of my reviews are based on my opinions alone and as you know opinions are objective. So, I would love to know why you hated a certain book I may have loved or vice versa.

As far as book genres go, I am open to any and all genres. I will generally gravitate towards YA fiction or adult fiction and contemporary but that doesn’t mean I don’t read other genres as well. I love Contemporary Indian Literature. As I’ve said before, I love my culture and often times, I’ll find myself connecting with a lot of the characters in ways I couldn’t with other books. So, I will start reviewing books by Indian authors I love. I also love YA dystopian. I will say YA fantasy is my leastfavorite choice but that doesn’t mean I don’t read them. It just means, it’s not the first genre I’ll gravitate towards.
At this point, I think I want to see me expand my blog to maybe reviewing a few movies here and there, mostly focusing on book to movie adaptations. I love watching my favorite books come to life on the big screen!
 When did I start blogging and why did I
start blogging?

I started blogging a few months back. My first blog post was the last week of December of last year (2011). Up until now, reading has always been something private to me. It was my way of meeting different people because I was a little socially awkward. I feel limitless and unbound to the restrictions of reality when I’m reading a great book. But more recently, I’ve seen myself get out of my shell a little and I realized that all these books I’ve read by these wonderful authors deserve praise and more publicity. I love losing myself in conversation with people about a great book and having a book blog gives me an excuse to do it more often and on my own time! I’ve also been following a lot of bloggers and Youtubers before I started my blog and I realized these people are the ones I’d feel most comfortable with, so I decided to join the community.

How can we connect with you?

The easiest way to connect with me is to leave a comment on my blog! You can also follow me on twitter @battalion0words and Private message me there. I haven’t created an official blog email yet. I will create one as more people read my blogs in the future.


Final Note:

Thank you, Alexa for creating this wonderful feature and being so gracious about spreading the word about other book bloggers out there! We all appreciate it!

Thank you very much Sharmin for agreeing to let me feature you and your blog! 





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