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  1. Pragya

    Really entertaining IMM! 🙂 I hope Elodie comments and lets all of us know how her name is pronounced.

    Some new books there, as always my Goodreads window is open by the side as I watch your video and keep on adding more books to my already mountainous TBR pile.

    And Alexa, don’t let Johnny read your Secret Me book. 😉 Poor he, his tactic of asking us to comment is going to work against him.

  2. Elodie @ Once Upon a Quote

    Of course I watch your videos, you’re so funny and you always get awesome books:) !! My name phonetically would be : Ay-lo-dee I guess !! Thanks for the fun fact part : I didn’t know there were so few people named Elodie in the US !! I’m really hoping you will enjoy the Dark Swan series Alexa .. The first book is good but not great but Dorian is one of my favourite male characters ever !!
    Happy reading to the both of you !!

  3. Nick

    Awesome mailbox, Alexa.
    I’ve been meaning to read the Dark Swan series, but I never got to it.
    I read Richelle Mead’s Succubus series and didn’t enjoy it, so it’s probably why I never read her other adult series! 😛

    Haha, I agree with Pragya! Don’t let Johnny read your Secret Me book ! 😛

    Happy reading you guys!

    Hope you enjoy all your books 🙂

  4. Erica

    The Postmortal is SO good! I loved it. Richelle Mead’s adult books look great, I have only read her Vampire Academy series. Sarah Maclean’s series is just so good – I’ve read all 3, and they all are awesome.

  5. Miss Vain

    Hey Alexa!!;)
    I loved all of Richelle Meads adult series!! Dark Swan series was great, but her Succubus series was AMAZING so even though you haven’t read Vampire Academy, I hope you love her adults books as well.;)

    Happy reading, I can’t wait to see your thoughts!!
    Thank you for visiting my mailbox XO

  6. Loretta @ Between The Pages

    Oh you got some GREAT books this week!
    I AM LEGEND! I want to read that, but johnny, I LOVED the movie, *ahem* 😉
    You should also read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer, Yes, See I went to see The Hunger Games and they had this movie previewing. So, read that one! =)
    I have Storm Born, I need to read that one! 😉
    “She is romancing A piece of garden tool” HAHA!! Johnny seems so disturbed by this title!!
    It’s funny!
    (p.s) Lilah is asleep while I am watching but I will know what part to skip! She will love that you are talking about her though. haha! She loves watching book videos. (She will be 4 in July)
    Blameless looks good. What was book 1? I want to look into that series! Love the cover!
    Activity Book for adults! I want that!!! HAHA!! =) Alexa, you know you want to fill out the fun little book.
    Well, it’s private johnny! 😉 LOL
    Happy Reading Guys!

  7. Candace

    I read the first two Dark Swan books but I haven’t had a strong urge to read the third and fourth yet. I really should though before I completely forget the entire plot. I did like them but they aren’t my favorites. Yet anyway.
    I have Nine Rules to Break and the second one (I think) but since I’m not big into the romance books I haven’t been sure that I’ll read them. They came in a box with some other books. I might try them though.
    I love the Parasol Protectorate series!
    Lots of great books!

  8. Reading Angel

    Duke really liked the I Am Legend book as well.
    I like the Dark Swan series, but I still need to read books 3 and 4.

    Johnny, what part of SECRET and ME don’t you get ;P
    It’s just for Alexa!

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