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Guys, it has seriously been one of the crappiest weeks that I can remember in the history of my working career. It was long, people were obnoxious, I was snarky and mean. Generally I avoid confrontation. By 3 o’clock this afternoon I was seeking it out.

What this means for my blog is that I have a lot of pent up energy and a list. I never try to conquer anything in my immediate universe without a list. 😉 So here goes:

Plan out April & May posts.
Add rating scale to sidebar.
Update review archive.
Update reviews on GoodReads.
Empty out Google Reader.
Clean up tags. (This is going to take much longer than I thought!)

Write an About Me page.
Catch up on e-mail correspondence.
Finish writing reviews:
Storming the Castle by Eloisa James
Tripwire by Lee Child
Contact GoDaddy contact and thank for help with transfer.
Save a back up of WordPress blog.
Close out Blogger blog. (Going to wait until I’m sure I have everything moved over from Blogger. I’m finding a lot of dead links in my review archive. I’m going to be cautious about deleting the Blogger blog until I’m sure everything is set up on WP.)

Type out reviews.
Work through April posts.
Make out a list of other projects to accomplish over the next few months.

Mr. Linky Mini-Challenge

Well, I have now learned how to use Mr. Linky! If you want to leave your Bloggiesta to do list in the links below, I’ll stop by and cheer you on! That way I can actually use the Mr. Linky. 😉




14 Responses to “Bloggiesta To Do List”

  1. Laurie C

    Your list sounds great! I moved from Blogger to WordPress a while ago, and it wasn't difficult, as I recall. The post headings came through with a weird symbol at the beginning of them that I had to go through and delete individually. There are some badges and widgets that don't work on WordPress that I wish I could add to my blog, but I guess it's more secure that way.

    • OUAC_Stephanie

      The move wasn't difficult but I had some issues with getting my domain "unparked." GoDaddy really was very patient with me and got me up and going. 🙂

  2. Kelsey W.

    Good luck getting everything done, you definitely have a lot planned! You just reminded me to save a back-up of my blog, I forgot all about that. Thanks!

  3. lucybirdbooks

    Thanks for reminding me to back-up my blog….I would probably cry if it disappeared!

  4. Kristin T.

    Can I ask why you switched from Blogger to WordPress? I've seen that a few people have done that recently and I am curious about it. I use Blogger and haven't had any trouble.

    Good luck with your to-do list. I love visiting everyone to see what they are working on, but it also means that I keep finding things to add to my to-do list. I now have a separate list of things to do if I finish my original list!

    • OUAC_Stephanie

      I moved from Blogger to a self hosted WordPress because Google was starting to worry me. I didn't agree with their new privacy policy for one thing. Another, and more important reason, is that several blogs were being shut down temporarily due to their content. I never considered my blog to be anything questionable but other bloggers I followed had been shut down. Of course Google brought them back up after a day or so but it really cemented in my mind that I didn't like someone else being in control of when my blog would be acceptable or would need to be shut down.

      So….I moved to a self hosted WordPress blog and it's actually been pretty great. A learning experience for sure but I've enjoyed it! 🙂

  5. Aneeqah

    Wow, you got lots of stuff done on Friday! I hope you get even more stuff crossed out for today. That list is really great, I may have to steal a few things. Good luck, and I hope you finish everything on your list!

    • OUAC_Stephanie

      I set up my easy stuff because I still had to work Friday; however, I hit that tag and category rearranging and I hit a wall! lol. I think I'm going to move on to my Saturday list and work on those tags in between other things.

    • OUAC_Stephanie

      I actually did pretty terrible. I got through seven pages of tag clean up but there are also two years of posts! Lol. Also with the move from Blogger to WordPress I'm finding that the links in my Review Archive don't link to the post so I have a lot of "Pages Not Available" popping up.

  6. ladyofnarnia

    Your blog looks great! Very efficient style. Your Mr. linky looks good. Maybe i should try it again. I just wasn't keenon the interface. Good luck with the rest of your Bloggiesta goals!

  7. Kristine

    Your list sounds great! Lots to do! Gives me ideas for future things to-do, like backing up my blog. Though I may do that today, thanks to the Bloggiesta mini-challenge. How do you like WordPress in comparison to Blogger? Good luck finishing your list!

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