Goodreads Catch-Up Read-a-Thon

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Hey everyone so I decided to join the Goodreads Catch-Up Read-a-Thon!

I meant to have this post go up on Friday, when the Read-a-Thon started but it is my boyfriend’s birthday weekend so things are a little slow on getting done.

“Woot!! Today’s the day my friends. I took a Friday off of work to get this thing started off right! I hope you enjoy it! If you’re just hearing about this, there is still time to sign up! Sign ups will remain open until 2/29. I’ll be updating on Twitter with the hash tag: #OUACReadathon. I’ve spent my morning touching base with participants and adding everyone to Twitter. I’m ready to rock this thing!” ~Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter

So this Read-a-Thon is still open if you want to go sign up head on over to Once Upon a Chapter.

What I’ll be Reading:

~Finish Angelfire
~Finish Angel Fire (yes I’m reading two books with the same title)
~Wings of the Wicked
~ Twilight

Friday 2/24:
Pages Read Today: 0 
Total Pages Read: 0
Feeling: I’m sad I didn’t get any reading done

Saturday 2/25:
Reading: Angelfire
Pages Read Today: 113
Total Pages Read: 113
Feeling: I’m glad I got a little reading done while at work!

Sunday 2/26:
Reading: Angelfire
Pages Read Today: 49
Total Pages Read: 162
Feeling: I’m glad I finished Angelfire

Monday 2/27:
Reading: Twilight and Wings of the Wicked
Pages Read Today: 97
Total Pages Read: 259
Feeling: Glad I got a little reading done, more tomorrow!

Tuesday 2/28:
Reading: Twilight and Wings of the Wicked
Pages Read Today: 354
Total Pages Read: 613
Feeling: So happy that I got a lot of reading done today, hopefully even more tomorrow!

Wednesday 2/29:
Reading: Twilight
Pages Read Today: 238
Total Pages Read: 851
Feeling: Glad I finished Twilight!

Thursday 3/1:
Pages Read Today:
Total Pages Read:



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  1. Miss Vain

    Hey tell Johnny I said Happy Birthday!!;)

    Okay so I ordered Unbecomeing of Maya Dyer and Cinder last night!!;) I figured you would be proud of the first order.;)))))
    Are you enjoying Angel Fire??

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