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Blogger Pages to Love is a new feature here at Pages of Forbidden Love!
Basically the point is to highlight new and old bloggers that you should all check out!
(If you would like to be featured please send me an email at apk1princess(at)live(dot)com)

Today I am very happy to have Paige from Comfort Books here to talk about her blog.

About Me:
Well what can I say about me? I’m a 15 year old sophmore at Salem High. All of my qualities will help you realize that I am a complete nerd! I wear glasses. I’ve loved to read since i was about 4 possibly 3. I love to write, I even started my own book last summer and I’m developing my writing skills by taking a few creative writing classes oh and fiction writing =) Also I love what I’m doing now, which is blogging! Lastly i’m a huge tv nerd! I like so many tv shows and soon I hope to own a lot of seasons on DVD to go along with my huge book collection.

My Blog Backround/What my blog is about: Well I started my blog back in August. I originally started at WordPress thinking that it’d be all about the book that I was writing. But then I came accross my first book blog. I can’t remember which one it was but it must of sparked something because I decided to start one of my own. I wanted to keep WordPress for my story blog as well so for awhile I maintained two blogs. One here on Blogger and one on WordPress. I gave up on WordPress awhile back so now i’m sticking with Blogger. On my blog I of course review books! mostly YA though because that’s mostly what I read. Some day I hope that my blog will be as big and as awesome as the big bloggers out there!

The Genres I Read: Well ever since I started reading i’ve always liked a bunch of different genres. It started with MG Science Fiction. That was basically my whole world in 4th grade. But unfortunately I can barley remember a thing that I read. I started reading the Twilight series in 7th grade and after I finished that series I was totally hooked on YA, which is my whole life now =) On a side note I like to read True Crime and Horror and sometimes mystery!
Where can you find me? That’s easy! I’m everywhere haha not literarly but i’m on a bunch of sites online! Including Blogger (Follow through GFC or Email) Twitter Facebook and lastly Goodreads



8 Responses to “Blogger Pages to Love: Comfort Books”

  1. ~MoonStar~

    Great getting to know you. Never heard of your blog before. So will be sure to check that out 🙂

    You sounds just like me just many years younger 😛
    I am a nerd too xD haha And proud of it.. And I love TV-Shows. There are just so many awesome out there 🙂 And I wanna watch them all. Along side I wanna read all the awesome books out there.. Having big dreams is healthy xD haha

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