Wild Wild Death by Casey Daniels

Wild Wild Death
#8 in the Pepper Martin Series
Author: Casey Daniels
Genre: Paranormal Mystery
Format: Ebook
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Reading Order:
1. Don of the Dead
2. The Chick and the Dead
3. Tombs of Endearment
4. Night of the Loving Dead
5. Dead Man Talking
6. Tomb with a View
7. Hard Day’s Fright

Synopsis: Her job has been cut, she’s low on cash, and her detective sometime- boyfriend refuses to even talk about her ability to see the dead and solve their murders. So Pepper is most certainly down for a vacation to get her spirits up. But when her cute scientist friend Dan is kidnapped, Pepper soon stumbles upon another deadly mystery that brings her to New Mexico. And she’s after a clever murderer-one whose idea of Boot Hill has nothing to do with Jimmy Choo. via GoodReads

Why I Picked It Up: I love the Pepper Martin series! I picked up the first book when a fellow mystery lover recommended it.

What I Lurved: So many things! There was a new setting in Wild Wild Death, Dan Callahan makes a reappearance, a new stud vies for Pepper’s affections, and there were some pretty awesome twist in the story line. I had the baddie pegged before the reveal but not the motive.

What I Could Have Lived Without: Quinn! That just gets on my nerves. I wish Pepper would just wisen up and drop him. He might look pretty but he treats her like crap in my opinion.

Recommended For: Cozy mystery readers who enjoy a touch of the afterlife!

Avoid If: You hate fun. Seriously this book is not for you…

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2 responses to “Wild Wild Death by Casey Daniels”

  1. I love mysteries and I love paranormals. This looks like another great series!! Not one I've seen reviewed before. Thanks for the new recommend.


    1. Dalene,

      I really do like the Pepper Martin series. She sees ghosts and tries to help them solve the things that have gone wrong for them. At the end it's kind of sad to see them go but each book has been pretty great. I'm really looking forward to the next one. ๐Ÿ˜€


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