Vampire Knight Volume 11

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Title: Vampire Knight Vol 11
Author: Matsuri Hino
Publisher: Shojo Beat
Publication Date: Dec 2010
Classification: 18+ Manga
Challenge: Outdo Yourself
Summary from Barnes and Noble:
The Night Class at Cross Academy has been abolished. Zero still attends the Day Class while carrying out his duties as a vampire hunter. Yuki now lives hidden away at the Kuran residence with Kaname, but can she embrace the life of a pureblood vampire?
My Thoughts:
First off I am in love with this cover, I want to have a print of this and hang it up on my wall. Is anyone else with me on this one?
Alright moving past the cover, I was a little bored and confused during volume ten but I feel that a lot of that was cleared up in volume eleven. the story starts with a whole year having passed and well things are a lot different than they once were. Crossed Academy does not have a night class anymore, the vampire senate is gone, and Yuki must now face life living with her older brother/lover, a life without Zero! Personally I hate the life without Zero part of this, I have always been a fan of Zero. Hmm maybe because he isn’t her freaking older brother so it would make more sense for Yuki and Zero to be together. I still hate Kaname, just want to make that clear, the man has not grown on me at all in eleven volumes. GO ZERO!!!
Moving forward I still think this volume was another set up volume to get us to what is really going to happen in volume twelve. I am excited to see where exactly this vampire dance is going to end up and I really hope that Zero lets the whole kill Yuki thing go. I mean come on people they kissed in the last volume and I think they need to be building on that instead of making Zero walk away from her. Yuki is where his heart is and I don’t think he would ever have the guts to kill her. Overall this volume gets 4 hearts from me and I can’t wait for the big Zero and Yuki moment in the next volume.



4 Responses to “Vampire Knight Volume 11”

  1. Liz. R

    I agree about the cover! I love it, one of my favourites. And lol at Kaname! He hasn’t grown on me either, I just can’t like him :P. Great review, thanks!

  2. Rita J Webb

    I love watching anime, so you’d think I’d have taken the plunge into manga long ago. This series just might be my first. Your review and the cover really caught my interest.

  3. Bianca

    I like the cover but i’ve never tried reading any Manga. My cousin really likes it though. Maybe I should try. Any suggestions on what I should start with?

    • Alexa

      I would honestly try the Vampire Knight series, it is one of the more popular manga series out there.

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