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 Title: Transcendent
 Author: Various
 Publisher: Robot Playground Inc.
 Publication Date: Dec 2011
 Classification: YA Novel
 Challenge: None

 Summary from Goodreads:

Discover the secrets of a siren, fly with a hawk girl over the mountains of Montana, and flee supernatural party-crashers as the décor comes to life in this magical journey through paranormal stories.

Along the way, watch for ghosts in a haunted house, or ride through the moonlight   with a stranger. Save a comatose boy who has lost his soul, and don’t forget to bring your garlic and wolfsbane—you never know when the shadows will snag you.

Transcendent includes eight stories of magic, love, death, and choice by some of the newest names in young adult fiction.

My Thoughts:

I’m normally not one for short stories because it always bugs me when I get attached to the characters, plot, and setting and then the story is over within 10-20 pages. I guess I’m just greedy because I always want to know more, I guess I’m a fan of stories that do not end quickly. I decided to take a chance on Transcendent though and I’m so glad that I did, who knew that these short stories would have me cheering and even bring me to tears.

Each story had it’s own plot and characters and each story was touching in its own way. The first story was about a boy who had washed up on an island where he meets a siren who is disfigured because there are two men on her section of the island at the same time and her body doesn’t know which form to take. Even though she is disfigured our main male character starts to like her for who she really is, the story has a powerful message and is a great opening story to this collection. The next story about an American Indian girl who has to go through her trials in the mountains in order to be considered an adult by her tribe was touching and I instantly fell for her love interest, Talon.

After two great stories the novel flattens out a little for me with a few more Halloween/spooky feeling stories that didn’t really do it for me. The novel quickly recovers with the last few short stories that are as powerful as the beginning was. The last short story was my favorite of the bunch, it was about soulmates, and the things they did for each other in order to try to be happy. It brought me to tears and honestly I wish I had gotten to spend more time in this last story because I was so wrapped up, my emotions were in the balance while reading the story.

Overall, I really enjoyed the majority of the short stories in this novel and now I have a list of many authors that I have to go look up. I’m convinced that I need to read more work by all of the amazing authors of this analogy. I can’t wait for more laughter, hauntings, and an emotional ride with more stories by these authors. Honestly, even if you don’t think short stories are your thing I would give this one a chance, I know my perception was completely changed. Overall, all of the stories combined lead to 4.5 hearts for me.



6 Responses to “Transcendent”

  1. Rita J Webb

    Aaaawww, such a sweet review! Thank you for taking the time to read and review Transcendent. And I’m so happy you liked my story “Feather”. I will be writing more with these characters, Feather and Talon.

  2. Liz. R

    You know, I was just going to skip this one because I’m not usually a fan of short stories either, but since you enjoyed it so much, I’m gonna add it to my tbr list! I love sound of the siren story, and I’m intrigued by Talon! Great review, thanks :).

  3. Myranda

    This one sounds really good! I also normally avoid short stories, but I think I am going to give this one a try! 😀 Great review.

    And I LOVE the new blog design! When did you switch to wordpress?

  4. Candace

    I have a hard time picking up anthologies or books of short stories too. I have quite a few here with authors I love or really want to try out but I just can’t seem to get myself to pick them up! But I’m glad this one had some really good ones, that’s a pretty high rating for a book of short stories, so YAY!

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