The Girl Behind the Blog: Burn-Out

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Hello Everyone!
Sometimes it is easy to forget that there is a live person behind running a blog and making everything happen. I just thought I would take this time to let people into my world a little bit. For right now this is just one post but who knows it might turn into a type of journal that I do every so often. Yes, I blog because I love books, but I’m more than just a book lover.


Lately, I have been feeling like a slave to my blog instead of the fun loving blogger running the blog. Basically my blog has been running all over me.

I recently moved from Blogger to WordPress and this was a very difficult move but it needed to be done. I am happy that I have moved but there are still some kinks to figure out and get squared away. Thank you to a couple of people who kept me sane and helped me with this process! I still have to update my review page and my blogroll so please try to stay patient with that because it will be fixed with time. I am trying to work on a new feature for showcasing new bloggers while keeping up with Google +, blog commenting, review books, tbr piles, and Twitter. This is just the blog work that I handle on a daily basis.

Apart from the blog I am going to school to get my degree in Nuclear Medicine, fancy way of saying I’m going to be a tech who runs the MRI, CT and PET scans.  I’m finally getting into my medical program in August 2012 so I’m excited to move forward with the last major step to finishing my education and degree. This as you can imagine takes up a great deal of my time.

I also happen to work part time at a Real Estate School where I’m there from 25-40 hours per week.
Lastly, I have a boyfriend, as you should all know since he is my Co-blogger after all. He lives a little ways from me so it is hard to make time for him inbetween the crazy schedule that is my life.

As if all that wasn’t enough, I like to tell people that I try to conquer the world on the sidelines. lol 

Basically, I’m a busy person between everything that I try to do.

I understand all bloggers must find this balance, heck we are all busy with our lives, our loves, and our book passions.

So next time you see a book blogger in a negative light or are demanding that we all present ourselves in certain fashions, please remember, we are people. We love blogging but we have to continue to love doing it and sometimes that is a struggle, even for the best blogger out there.  




12 Responses to “The Girl Behind the Blog: Burn-Out”

  1. Rita J Webb

    This was nice post. I like getting to know you better, and I hope you can find the balance. It sounds like you have a busy, busy life.

    I work full time as a software tester, and on the side I’m a writer and publisher and marketer. I have three kids and help my husband with the homeschooling. I take 4 dance classes a week…

    So easy to burn out.

  2. Candace

    I like getting to know the blogger behind the blog! I already ‘know’ you a little but it seems like there is always so much more to learn!
    I have to say that I’m proud of you for sticking with blogging while having such a busy schedule. I recently made some changes to make my life easier and reduce my time online and it has made things so much easier! I like having my own schedule and not have to worry about posting guest posts/giveaways on a certain date and certain time and then worrying about it getting traffic, etc. I worry that things are maybe getting boring around my blog though with just reviews and my IMM so after the Read Along I’m doing on Tuesdays is over I might start doing a Tuesday feature. But I’m not going to stress it. We’ll see if it happens or not. But I’ve been wanting to get some writing in and sometimes talking about random things is a good way to practice. So maybe I’ll have a random feature… sometime.
    I don’t even work or go to school, I’m just a stay at home mom and I feel like I don’t have enough time for stuff, I can’t even imagine how busy you are!

  3. Liz. R

    Great post! You’re such a busy person, I commend you for putting so much effort into the blog as well! It’s definitely hard to juggle all the different things going on in our lives, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

  4. Bianca

    Wow you do sound super busy. Congratulations on getting into your medical program! This was a great post. It is nice of you to share more about yourself.

  5. ~MoonStar~

    Great getting to know you a little bit better 🙂
    Sounds like you are buzy. And I so agree.. It´s important to remember we are only humans 🙂
    Remember to relax some times 😉
    Good luck with everything

  6. Myranda

    Great post! As of recently I have felt the same way about my blog. I think a lot of people do forget that their is a human, who has to live their life too, that is running the blog. It is not easy to run a blog at all! oh and by the way that is a very cute picture! 😀

  7. Stephanie @ OUAC

    Hey Alexa! It looks like the blog move has benefited you! It looks great. I hope you find the balance you need. I understand completely about burn out. Just coming out of it myself. Good luck with school!! Oh, and beautiful pic by the way. 🙂

  8. Miss Vain

    You look like you already know what you’re doing with your WordPress Blog. I’m still learning the ropes of my WordPress blog. Your page looks great!!:) Goodluck.:)

  9. Loretta @ Between The Pages

    I so need to do the word press thing! It makes me nervous. lol
    I like this post. Let’s people know a little bit more about you. I have the who is loretta one that I did, so that people can know a little bit more about me. I have a life outside of blogging + reading.
    As I am tying this, right now, I see your GOODREADS books read in 2012. 16? 16 Alexa! oh my gosh!! haha
    I am on 8. 😉
    Look forward to learning more about you.

    Happy Reading (WHEN YOU CAN FIND TIME =)

  10. Jennifer K Jovus

    I liked this post and getting to know you better Alexa. I had a blogging melt down over the holidays and just couldn’t do it all. I felt guilty for the two months but I just have time. My entire family was staying at my house for Christmas and it was stress-a-palooza for me. I hope you get back into the groove – I enjoy your blog. 🙂

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