11 Responses to “IMM 59: Vlog!”

  1. Liz. R

    I think I’ve read the first volume of Otomen, and I liked it! Quite cute. And Dengeki Daisy, OMG. My favourite shojo manga EVER. EVER. Words cannot express how excited I am that you’re reading it :P. And that bookstore woman sounded so snotty, I would have felt the same. I really liked Graceling, hope you enjoy it! And can’t wait to read Under the Never Sky. Great books, happy reading :). And Johnny, your birthday is the day after mine!

  2. chelleyreads

    awesome books this week!! yay for romance novels–i haven’t read anna campbell yet though. enjoy and thanks for stopping by our blog. 🙂


  3. Erica

    YAY for Graceling – I liked Graceling but not as much as I loved Fire and Bitterblue (so you should read it, then get those 2 because they rock) Enjoy all your books 🙂

  4. Bianca

    Looks like a lot of great books like always 🙂 Enjoy them. It’s great that you actually called them out on their mistake at the bookstore. Lol Love it.

  5. ~MoonStar~

    Great books 🙂 I also got Graceling on my shelf. But haven`t read it yet :/ So looking forward to reading Under the Never Sky. I already ordered it. Though they sent me a mail I will be getting it with another cover 🙁 which is kind of sad. Because I like the cover you got 🙂

    Johnny.. What does your tattoo say?? 🙂 Curious 🙂

    Btw.. Oh god I know the feeling. If I see a book in the wrong section. I also go tell the sales person.
    I once found Black Dagger Brotherhood in childrens books :S Which is not really apropriate, if you ask me.. But the lady in the story didn`t know anything. Didn`t say much either, just looked weird at me and said thanks xD

  6. Elie

    Great vlog- I am interested in graceling, been eying it up for some time now. Have a great week!

  7. Loretta @ Between The Pages

    Great IMM, As always!!
    You got some great books! I as well HATE when books are not where they belong. Haha!
    And ok, OFF topic. Your Manga books are opposite. Like, the spines are backwards or something. As you can tell, if this is normal.. I have never read them! =)
    Happy Reading!

  8. Reading Angel

    I always re-shelf the books 😛 I just do it on my own though…LOL.

    I still need to get and read a copy of Graceling too, all this hype over Bitterblue has me curious.

  9. Candace

    My sons birthday is February 27th too!
    Graceling was good but I LOVED Fire! And I can’t wait for Bitterblue!
    Under the Never Sky was pretty good too. It wasn’t perfect, but in many ways it’s a pretty epic read. So I hope you enjoy it!
    I also hate when books are shelved in the wrong place but like Angela, I re-shelve them myself. I actually did that yesterday. At the bookstore I almost got a job at but they hired some young girl instead and she was there working and books were in the wrong spot so I was all about fixing them. But I shouldn’t have. They really should have hired me so it would have been done right in the first place… oh well. I’m sure they are regretting their decision.

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