Black Bird Volume 10

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Title: Black Bird Vol 10
Author: Kanoko Sakurakoji 
Publisher: Shojo Beat
Publication Date: Sept 2011
Classification: T+/18+ Manga
Challenge: None
Summary from Goodreads:
The past returns to haunt Kyo and Misao when Kyo’ s long-lost father suddenly reappears. But the reunion is less than happy, for Lord Yo is suspected of murdering his wife! Misao learns the real story of the deadly incident, but it is hardly comforting. Should she tell Kyo about his mother’ s fate, or should she protect him from a truth he might not want to know?
My Thoughts: I have had ups and downs with this manga series. I do think the artwork is beautiful and I do enjoy the two main characters, Kyo and Misao, but at times it is repetitive and it seems we were never going to find out about Kyo’s past. Well I’m glad to say that the reader finally, FINALLY!, gets to see Kyo’s past. His father came back at the end of volume 9 and I have no clue why I waited so long to read this one!

This volume truly does remind me why this manga series is completely worth it in the end. The storyline in this volume finally progresses and pushes the story to a new level. The reader finally gets to hear about Kyo’s family life when he was little and how the rivals of Sho and Kyo over the leader position came into play when they were younger. It was great to finally learn this information because the whole time I have been reading this series I have been dying to know. Don’t get me wrong I love that Kyo is mysterious and that we never really knew what direction he would take but I loved the insight into his past, it brings the story into a better position moving forward. While Misao can still get on my nerves at times because she is…well she is a dimwit at times! She hasn’t really grown all that much from when we first met her but I guess by now I’m use to how her character acts. I really enjoyed Kyo, more than ever, in this volume. He really did a great job at being his two different sides. Kyo has always been a great character because you never know what he is going to do. One moment he is super sweet to Misao, then the next he is being a punk to her. I love that he does sweet things for her and also has this side that likes to play around with her heartstrings and emotions, but in the end he loves her more than anything, it is afterall why he became clan leader. Hmm…reminds me of someone I know very well! Overall, this volume renewed my hope in the series. It does end off on another cliffhanger so I can’t wait to dive into volume 11. This volume gets 4.5 hearts from me for being a great addition to the Black Bird series.



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