Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish by Grace Burrowes

Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish
Author – Grace Burrowes
Reviewer – Stephanie
Rating – A+; Nearly Perfect a Keeper/4 – Very Hot
Reading Level – Historical Romance
Pages – 416
Publisher – Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release Date – October 2011
Source – Publisher in exchange for an honest review

It’s Christmas in London and all of Lady Sophia Windham’s plans for a holiday spent in solitude have been shattered. As it turns out one of the servants has left Sophie is a carriage house with her squalling baby boy. Sophie is at quite a loss when a handsome stranger introduces himself as Vim Charpentier and offers to help calm the crying baby.Within minutes Kit’s cries have subsided and Sophie has reached the conclusion that she will need to care for the child until after the holidays and a home can be found for him.

Sophie is quite on her own and driving herself to boot. The gentleman in Vim demands he at least accompany the woman home. Once there Sophie can’t send him on his way without some warm food and he can’t leave her to care for Kit when she has clearly never cared for an infant before. What was meant to only last one night turns into several days as a terrible snow storm hits the city. Each day Vim and Sophie fall a little bit more in love with Kit…and each other. Any chance of a relationship between them has a rocky start though because neither has been entirely honest about their identities with each other.

Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish is my first holiday read of the season and Grace Burrowes couldn’t have set a higher standard. The story was perfect for me. A newly abandoned baby finds himself in the loving arms of a well placed family. Vim and Sophie’s love developed softly and without much notice on their parts. That’s not to say they were passionless. Once Vim got over being the gentleman and Sophie plucked up enough courage to take what she wanted they exploded like fireworks.

I know some readers prefer to not have children or babies in their romances. If that’s your preference, I’d give this book a wide berth. It 100% worked for me. Kit was adorable and so were the way that Sophie and Vim responded to him. They sometimes talked to turn as if he could understand the words. They called him My Lord Baby and issued warnings about becoming a pirate or running off to join the naval army for adventures on the high seas.

The Windham brothers also have a part in this story and I can’t wait to go back and read their stories! If you’re looking for a great read for the holidays don’t miss Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish. Maybe Santa can leave it in your stocking?

5 stars

4 flames


2 responses to “Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish by Grace Burrowes”

  1. I'll think about picking up this one… I don't think I've read a baby story before and I'm not exactly excited at the thought… But I do want a holiday romance.


  2. I'll think about picking up this one… I don't think I've read a baby story before and I'm not exactly excited at the thought… But I do want a holiday romance.


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