Venetia by Georgette Heyer

Author: Georgette Heyer
Reviewer: Stephanie
Rating: A; Nearly Perfect a Keeper/1 – Kissing or less
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 375
Publisher: Sourcebooks Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4022-3884-0
Release Date: 2011
Source: Finished copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Venetia is not your average girl. She’s incredibly smart and uncommonly outspoken. Venetia’s life has been what most people consider abnormal. Her mother died when she was only nine years old and no one in the house was allowed to refer to her. Her father’s grief was so deep that he locked himself away in a wing of the house and would not allow house guests. Sir Francis also did not pay his children much attention. When it was time for Venetia to be brought out she was not allowed to go to London to her aunt. When Sir Francis passed, Venetia’s older brother Conway was in the war and could not be bothered to come home or to take care of affairs through regular correspondence. Venetia couldn’t bring herself to leave her younger brother Aubrey alone so she stayed at her home in Undershaw. She managed the estate in Conway’s absence. Venetia hasn’t had much experience with the world and doesn’t worry too much about appearance and everything a lady of her day should.

Lord Damerel is Venetia’s neighbor but is rarely in residence. When she runs into him while picking berries one day she is quite surprised. His reputation proceeds him and she knows herself to be in the company of a rake. Venetia also knows, that while there may be some truth to the stories that surround Damerel, that there must be some exaggeration in the stories. Venetia entertains Damerel’s company and Damerel is quite fond of Aubrey. Before either Venetia or Damerel is aware of what has happened they’ve fallen in love with each other. Damerel wishes to reform for Venetia but doesn’t believe himself to be worthy.Venetia is a determined girl and won’t have just anyone.

I loved Venetia. It was a comfortable read. Venetia is incredibly likable and her interaction with Damerel is witty and enjoyable. Damerel is the perfect reformed rake. He retains just enough of his bad boy ways to make him seductive and sexy. He has a streak of honor that he doesn’t get enough credit for. Venetia and Damerel’s relationship is unique in historical romance and it’s refreshing. If you’re a fan of Jane Austen-esque fiction take my advice and do not miss Georgette Heyer or Venetia!

4 stars1 flamestephanie_forest

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