Catching Jordan

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Title: Catching Jordan
Author: Miranda Kenneally
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Publication Date: Dec 1, 2011
Classification: YA Novel
Challenge: Outdo Yourself
Summary from Goodreads:
What girl doesn’t want to be surrounded by gorgeous jocks day in and day out? Jordan Woods isn’t just surrounded by hot guys, though-she leads them as the captain and quarterback of her high school football team. They all see her as one of the guys, and that’s just fine. As long as she gets her athletic scholarship to a powerhouse university. But now there’s a new guy in town who threatens her starting position… suddenly she’s hoping he’ll see her as more than just a teammate.

My Thoughts:
First off the summary for this book doesn’t even begin to describe what all goes on in this novel. So I would say take the summary with a grain of salt because it makes the story sound different than how it really is. When I first started this book I was a little put off to be completely honest. The beginning was really cheesy and corny and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it past page 50. I decided to continue on with the story and I’m so glad that I did.

Once you get past the first 50 pages this novel becomes something so much more than a cute contemporary romance story. It becomes a book that will pull at your heartstrings and not let you go until you finish the very last page. Heck even then you are dying for more pages to see how the story continues between all of the great characters that you have just spent a few hours getting to know. Jordan is great, she is real and she loves a good challenge, she does have her weak moments though and I loved watching the guys on her football team support her. The guys on the team were all great, a little stereotypical at times but they were there for Jordan and they all really do care about her. They are all almost like big brothers because they want to protect Jordan on and off the football field. Ty is on hot guy who comes to town but for me he just didn’t make the cut because of where Jordan’s true feelings lied. I’m not going to tell you much more than that because I don’t want to spoil the book.

Overall, I am in love with this book! I found it very easy to connect with what Jordan was going through because it felt like a replay of my life about 1-2 years ago. I really had my heart connected with this book, I felt everything that Jordan felt. When she was happy I was happy for her, while at the same time I understood exactly what she was going through. I was so connected with this storyline that I was almost in tears at certain points. Some of the lines throughout the entire book felt like an exact replay of a relationship that I once went through. So to me this book is very personal, will you have the same connection, maybe not but I still feel that anyone can enjoy this story. As I already said, I am in love with this book so it gets 5 hearts all the way from me.

***SPOILER*** The reason this is so special to me is because Johnny, my boyfriend, is my Henry. He was my best friend even through a bad relationship that I was having, sometimes you don’t realize the guy that is right for you is the one who was standing there all along. (This will make sense if you read the book, or if you really want to know what that means you can always ask me.) ***END OF SPOILER***



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  1. Bookish Brunette

    Dude! I thought this sounded cute, but I wasn't REALLY sure I wasnted to read it like ASAP… NOW I do!!! YAY!

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