The Lady of the Storm by Kathryne Kennedy

Lady of the Storm The Lady of the Storm
#2 in the Elven Lord Series
Author – Kathryne Kennedy
Reviewer – Stephanie
Rating – B+; Great Would Want to Read Again/4 –Very Hot
Reading Level – Adult
Genre – Fantasy Romance
Pages –  416
Publisher – Sourcebooks
ISBN: 978-14022-3653-2
Release – August 2011
Source – Publisher in exchange for an honest review

Cecily Sutton is not like her neighbors. While the small village off the ocean is her home, it’s also her hiding place. Cecily commands a great deal of water magic. She can also control the skies. Her true power has only revealed itself once and cost the lives of hundreds of men. Cecily vowed not to use her magic after that. Not using her magic can only help. Being so powerful in 1734 England could cost her her life, especially if her elven lord father knew.

Cecily’s stepfather Thomas is a great supporter of the Rebellion. The Rebellion is a movement by the humans to take back England and end the tyranny of the elven lords. Thomas has entrusted a young man named Giles to protect the girl he loves as his very own. For nine years Giles has watched and protected Cecily while Thomas has been away on his missions for the Rebellion.

This time feels different though. Thomas has been gone an unusually long amount of time. Giles expects him back any day now. Instead the village is attacked by Lord Breden of Dewhame’s soldiers and that can only mean one thing. Thomas is either dead or too weak to keep the ward spells that cover the village from Breden in place.

When Giles takes Cecily to Thomas’ Rebellion contact, they are given a mission that won’t be easy to complete. Cecily just needs to hear that she might be able to find and help Thomas and she’s in. Giles and Cecily must succeed in their mission because humanity is depending on them.

The Lady of the Storm was a great fantasy romance. Cecily and Giles worked beautifully together. There was more than once that I wanted to shake Giles. Both had flaws and had to come to terms with them in their own time. Cecily cold be a little self-centered and Giles…well Giles was man pretty and vain. Surprisingly Giles irritated me more than Cecily. I usually feel the reverse. Their flaws however add to their character and while they provoked me it made their development that much more enjoyable.

The Lady and the Storm had a few secondary characters that I adored. My favorites were Jimson and the dragon, Kalah. Jimson was such a sweet but obnoxious young man. Kennedy also brings back the couple from The Fire Lord’s Lover and the reader gets to catch up with Dominic and Cassandra.

I really enjoyed The Lady of the Storm and I hope that each elven realm gets to have a book. I’m really looking forward to the next one and continuing with the series.

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