Review: A Knight’s Passion by Ingela F. Hyatt

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Reviewer: Lisa
Genre: Historical Romance
My Source: Purchased by Reviewer
Publisher: Samhain Publishing – (July, 2010)
ISBN: 9781605049311
Pages: 272
Rating: B; Great, would want to read again
Heat Level: 4; Very hot

A Knight’s Passion by Ingela F. Hyatt

Lord Reynard Devin de Fauconer makes a daring escape from his prison one night with the help of Lady Rianna de Termonde. Rather than give her a simple ‘thank you’ he kidnaps her, for reasons he refuses to fully explore, while making his great escape. What she doesn’t realize is the man that whisks her away is actually her betrothed. Rianna thinks she is engaged to Reynard’s cousin who mischievously claimed Reynard’s title and identity while he was away. Though they feel an undeniable attraction to one another, Rianna has pledged her loyalty to the man she believes is her future husband, and Reynard is loath to tell her for fear of scaring her away. Now they just have to discover if a Knight’s passion will conquer love and evil to save the day.

A sensual and intimate tale, A Knight’s Passion is a great historical romance novel with plenty of passion. It’s a worthwhile journey following two delightful characters that cannot deny the call of passion or the power of love. The story contains intelligent dialogue, sparkling description and classic characters. If you are looking for that satisfying historical read spiced with plenty of lust, desire and topped off with a splash of romance, A Knight’s Passion is the book for you.

This novel contains a fairly large cast of characters, but mainly focus on the journey of Reynard and Rianna. I do adore ‘cabin romances’ where the hero and heroine are basically stuck with each other throughout must of the story. That was the case with this novel and Hyatt does not disappoint in this setting. Rianna and Reynard are on a journey together which leaves many wonderful moments in which they get to know each other better.

Reynard is the confident warrior every young girl swoons for. He is strong, controlled yet unable to conquer the passion he feels for Rianna. In the beginning he was unsure of what he should do about his feelings towards his betrothed, but near the end his overwhelming emotional feelings for her are what leave you breathless. If you are like me, you love the warriors that will conquer heaven or hell in order to rush to the side of the woman they love. Reynard fits that description perfectly. He is all Rianna could ask for an more.

I really grew quiet fond of Rianna. I don’t want to say she was a weakling, but she wasn’t a overtly strong and confident heroine. She was fairly young and completely innocent but I really admired her personality and loyalty. As her desire for Reynard, or Devlin as she knew him, grows the more guilt and disgust she feels for herself. She was an honest and fresh character that Reynard would be a fool not to fall in love with. Yet as the novel progressed, she gained more of her own voice and determination. If there is any character which grew the most through this experience, it was Rianna.

There was very little I didn’t like about A Knight’s Passion, but there were some minor things. Sometimes the description of the sexual tension between the two characters was a little redundant. Instead, I would have like to learn just a little bit more about the characters…maybe a little more of the great dialogue. But that was a small, small problem compared to the overall wonderful story that was told by Hyatt.

The last portion of the book is what really pulled me in. Once you get to the climax of the story, the journey from that point on until the ending is truly entertaining. At that point you cannot put this book down. I also enjoyed how the romance came into play very strongly in this part of the novel. Their desire to see one another again is what left butterflies in my stomach and gasping for breath. Rianna and Reynard are like two magnets, their attraction pulls them back together no matter what separates them.

A Knight’s Passion has a happy and stunning conclusion for most characters. It is my hope that a certain character, and newly discovered relation for one of the characters, will get his own novel somewhere down the road. Otherwise, simply put, do not miss this novel. Hyatt creates a wonderful world and lively characters that are sure to capture your interest. A Knight’s Passion is sexy, entertaining, and a delightful read.

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Writing: 4/5
Interest: 4/5
Originality: 3/5
Characters: 4/5
Pace: 4/5
Cover: 4/5

4 stars
4 flames



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