Review: No One Lives Twice by Julie Moffett

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Reviewer: Lisa
Genre: Romantic Suspense w/ Comedic Elements
Series: Book 1 of the Lexi Carmichael Mystery
Publisher: Carina Press (August, 2010)
IBSN: 9781426890499
ASIN: B003U89RS0
Length: 112,000 words
Rating: C; Enjoyable, would recommend
Heat Level: 1; Kissing or less
My Source:
The Romance Review

No One Lives Twice by Julie Moffett
No One Lives Twice is a fun and wild adventure of an unsuspecting geek thrown into the crazy world of espionage, but be prepared for a few bumps in the road with this novel. Still, that’s no reason you shouldn’t pull up a chair, grab a shaken martini and prepare yourself for Lexi Carmichael…the female James Bond!

Lexi Carmichael was having your average boring and uneventful day when she was confronted in the street by a mad man with a gun. He demands Lexi had over a document she has no knowledge of. Confused and terrified, Lexi arrives at her apartment only to discover her best friend Basia did send her papers with a note that she keep them safe. Knowing there is something deeper behind these papers, Lexi is determined to get to the bottom of this puzzle. With the help of her computer-hacking friends Lexi is working desperately to help Basia. The more she discovers about Basia’s secret, the deeper she becomes entangled in this dangerous web. Now all Lexi needs is a plan…and a miracle.

Moffett pens a delightful and exciting adventure for this simple computer geek gone rouge. Perhaps my favorite part of this first person novel were the secondary characters. No One Lives Twice has a wide range of fun and wacky characters that will make you smile and laugh. These characters mean business, but yet there is a light and funny side in their complimentary relationship when they work together. I could easily see fans of the Stephanie Plum series really enjoying this story and all it’s eclectic characters. It has that same sexy edge, with a bit of light humor and fascinating characters to keep readings intrigued.

Moffett adds plenty of sexy book candy to this novel, all setting their eyes on Lexi. Yet despite the lightness of this novel, one problem was the revolving door of potential romantic candidates. It was incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to believe that a woman with such a dry and uneventful romantic life was turning the heads of every male character in this story (and I literally mean every male character). I wanted to see one character pushed to front as the guy she was most interested in, even if everyone else was still chasing her around. If was hinted at the end, but not enough to be convincing. Usually with any love triangle, or in this case love pentagon, the reader can claim their favorite. It wasn’t so in this case and that took a little of the joy out of the overall story.

Another teeny tiny problem was the overwhelming description and drawn out plot points. By the third chapter, I think I read about Lexi stopping at every fast food joint known to man, and what she ate there. Admittedly, there was some unwanted detail, but the novel was still a fresh and fun read. Lexi is a great character with a lot of spunk and charm! The storyline is definitely unpredictable as you follow along with Lexi to solve the case and rescue her friend. Moffett takes her original characters on a thrilling ride that most girls only dream of! No One Lives Twice is an entertaining and fun novel for anyone who enjoys seeing the underdog computer geek come out of her shell to save the day. This novel is a decent start to a fresh new series. With a few slight modifications, this series could be flat out fantastic.

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Writing: 3/5
Interest: 3/5
Originality: 3/5
Characters: 3/5
Pace: 3/5
Cover: 3/5

3 stars
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