Review: Dragon Blues by Edie Ramer

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Reviewer: Jennifer
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Published: February, 2011
Length: 79,299 words
Rating: B – Great; would want to read again
Heat Level: 3 – Minimal love scenes
Source: Author, in exchange for an honest review

Dragon Blues by Edie Ramer

Dragon Blues is the third book that I’ve read by Edie Ramer. I’m attracted to shifter stories of all kinds and I especially enjoy dragon shifter books although there aren’t that many out there. Something about huge, flying, fire-breathing creatures really draws me in, although I’m not sure what that says about my tastes. In this book Noah, the hero and dragon, is practically immortal. He’s pretty sure he would die if he was shot right through the heart or if he was blown up or burned but otherwise, he doesn’t age, doesn’t get sick, and can heal himself from normal injuries.

Due to humans hunting them in past centuries, most of the others like Noah have been killed off. Many years ago though, through some kind of mysterious process that isn’t really explained, he managed to change his outward form to look human and escape the hunters in order to pursue a human woman. Mentally, he is still a dragon although he has not shifted back into a dragon form for a long time and is not sure whether he even still has the ability to do so. Due to his long life, he is lonely and seems a bit tired of living. The only thing that keeps him going is his music and his cat.

The story starts when Noah comes in contact with Lila’s sister, who is drug-addicted and lives with a thief that tries to rob Noah. Noah then tries to help the sister get away from her boyfriend and calls Lila to come from California to assist him. When Noah first meets Lila, his impression of her is that she is an Amazon warrior, strong and true. Her strength, both physical and mental, greatly appeals to him. Unfortunately, his unselfish impulse to help her sister ends up pitting Noah and Lila against a powerful man who will stop at nothing to obtain Noah’s blood in order to gain immortality. When Lila’s sister is killed by this man, Lila swears that she will find the killer to exact revenge and she asks Noah to help her. Noah is strongly attracted to Lila and wants to protect her so he agrees to help. Meanwhile Lila is also attracted to Noah, but tries to keep a distance between them because she doesn’t trust men.

Of the two main characters, I loved Noah, but wasn’t quite as wild about Lila. She was pretty stubborn about things and didn’t like to be told to do something even if it was the most reasonable course of action. I understood why she acted the way she did, but I had a harder time warming up to her. Noah, on the other hand, was delicious. He wasn’t described as being particularly handsome, but he was charismatic and striking. It was clear from his actions at the beginning that he had a soft heart and I felt his loneliness clearly. And yes, at a couple of points, Noah does breathe fire – he is a dragon after all. Even though I didn’t love Lila, I was rooting for them to beat the bad guy and get together. The plot had plenty of action and moved along well, although both characters had a few foolish moments. Otherwise, I really enjoyed Edie Ramer’s writing. It is clear and concise and I appreciate that she doesn’t resort to purple prose or flowery descriptions. Overall, I would recommend Dragon Blues, especially if you like shifters, but want something just a bit different.

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4 stars
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