Review: Little White Lies by Aimee Laine

Little White Lies
Author – Aimee Laine
Reviewer: Stephanie
Rating – B-/3 – Great would want to read again; 4 – Very Hot
Reading Level – Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages – eARC
Publisher – J. Taylor Publishing
ASIN: 978-0-9834058-8-7
Release Date – 7/1/11 (Tomorrow!!)
Source – Publisher in exchange for a fair review

Charley Randall is different from you and I. She has secrets that she can’t share with anyone except those who are like herself. She works primarily for the government whenever they need to get a trained person into a tight spot. She’s one of the best body doubles there is and that makes her very valuable. Charley has also been spending the past thirty plus years wanting the one man she can’t have.

Wyatt Mooreland lost the girl of his dreams 16 years ago and he has been looking for her ever since. He didn’t stop living though. He’s worked up the ladder and enjoys his work. Wyatt has remained steady and is the type of man you can depend on. There’s a problem with his latest mission regarding jurisdiction squabbles. He’s been instructed to hire Charley Randall and her group. The FBI says they are the best of the best. Wyatt has a dirty job to do and doesn’t like to trust people he doesn’t know well. Charley’s different. It’s as if he’s known her all his life.

Despite their very confused past together Wyatt and Charley have to work together to complete Wyatt’s mission. They are drawn even more closely together when personal tragedy strikes Charley and Wyatt’s skills can come in handy. They have a lot of history to work through if they have any chance of making a future.

Little White Lies can easily be the first in a series. Charley and her family really grew on me throughout the book. It was clear that they had to stick together and that they’d have each other’s back if it was ever needed. Cael and Lily were my favorite secondary characters and I can’t wait to hear their story. *fingers crossed*

Little White Lies was a little confusing at first and I think that’s because I had to keep up with all of the explanations of Charley’s species and all the rules that went along with it. It did make me understand Wyatt better because I was just as lost as he was! Laine does a good job of reiterating all of the facts and rules without being repetitive. It’s like a refresher course when you need it. Eventually it all clicked into place and ended up being a breath of fresh air to my paranormal experience.

Laine creates sexual tension from the beginning and doesn’t let up for a long while. It added to the book and I found myself really enjoying that aspect of it. While the story was original and I really enjoyed it there were some disappointments too. There was so much going on in this book with so many characters that it was distracting from the main couple. If you’re a regular reader of my reviews, you know that I enjoy secondary characters a great deal. A lot of secondary characters plus a lot of action going on really detracted from the romance for me. My only other complaint is the mastermind behind the whole suspense plot. It certainly wasn’t who I thought it would be. It seemed too much for me to believe but it takes all kinds to make our world go round.

Overall, if you’re into paranormals with shifters of some sort with a romantic suspense subplot, you should really look into this book. I look forward to any more books Laine writes in this series!

3 stars

4 flames

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