Review: Secrets of A Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas

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Reviewer: Lisa
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Book 1 of the Wallflowers Series
My Source: Purchased Used By Reviewer
Publisher: Avon (October, 2004)
IBSN: 978-0060091293
ASIN: 0060091290
Pages: 384
Rating: A; Nearly Perfect, A Keeper
Heat Level: 4; Very Hot!

Secrets of A Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas
May ‘On the Shelves’ Pick!
Four girls. Dozens of potential suitors. One pack to land then all suitable husbands. What could possibly go wrong?

Annabelle Peyton has no choice but to make it official; she is a wallflower. Any hopes she had of making an advantageous marriage are dying a slow death as another season comes to an end. Her family is reaching very desperate times and Annabelle must marry soon or face a very uncertain and unhappy future. So when three other wallflowers make a pact with her to help each other find a husband…Annabelle figures she has nothing to lose!

Simon Hunt has wanted Annabelle for a long time, just not as a wife. While he proposes a life of pleasure and excess, he has made it clear he will never propose marriage. Annabelle is working together with the other wallflowers in order to catch the perfect husband, but Simon seem to keep getting in the way. She has resisted his seductive tactics before, but her defenses are slowly falling apart. As Simon struggles to ruin her attempts at a marriage of convenience, she realizes he may be the only chance she has at a marriage for love.

Oh how much I do love Secrets of A Summer Night! It really shouldn’t be much of a surprise since I’ve heard absolutely grand things about Ms. Kleypas since venturing into the book blogging world. Yet, hearing things and experiencing them yourself are two completely different matters, are they not? Let’s discuss why I loved it.

One, the characters. Well, DUH. How could you not love these four vivacious, intelligent and humorous girls? The were delightful! They made me giggle, smile and completely uplifted my spirits. What a treat indeed. Anabelle was a great heroine. On one hand, she was your typical heroine, but on the other she possessed such a fun spirit you could tell she was truly unique. And Simon. Just typing the name Simon makes me smile! Sigh. Wonderful hero! I loved how Kleypas made this character so tough to the outside world, but somehow managed to show the readers he wore his heart on his sleeve!

Two, the humor. This book had me in stitches! STITCHES! I was laughing out loud at various points while reading this book. It was hilarious! The girls had a such a great sense of humor about their situations and certainly made the best of it, keeping the scene light and uplifting. But if wasn’t just the girls who possessed the episodes of great humor. My absolute favorite part came close to the middle where Annabelle agreed to a kiss with Simon if he promised to keep silent about a secret that might ruin her. Right after she gains his compliance, she immediately retreats and rushes to loose her supper in the bushes. Of course he follows her!

Quickly he reached out to steady her as she swayed before him. “In light of our recent agreement,” he murmured, “this is most unflattering, Miss Peyton.”

I had to put the book down for a second, I was laughing so hard! Oh, the embarrassment! It may be the kind of humor where you have to read the whole beginning to find it as humorous as I did, but still…it made my day.

Three, the romance. This is the kind of set up I love to read about in my romance novels. Things are not tied up in a neat little bow after marriage, but rather the book continues a great while longer when we expect their ‘Happily Ever After’ to start. I LOVED this far too much. Sometimes I get incredibly frustrated with a novel when the characters just admit their feelings for one another and the book ends. Really? I want to know what happens next! Well I did not have to worry about that with this novel. You have a little marriage, a little conflict, and a little more getting to know each other. Wonderful! Their attraction towards one another didn’t hurt either. Annabelle and Simon shared kisses were so incredibly steamy! Woo! Great stuff.

Okay, so really I just gushed a lot, but can you blame me? Secrets of A Summer Night was great! I started it early Sunday afternoon and stayed up until the wee hours of the night to finish it. I tried to put it down and go to sleep, but I couldn’t! I had to know how it ended! So glad this was the pick for the ‘On the Shelves’ poll! You guys really know how to pick ‘em!

Series Order:
1)Secrets of A Summer Night
2) It Happened One Autumn
3) The Devil In Winter
4) A Scandal In Spring
5) A Wallflower Christmas

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Writing: 5/5
Interest: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Pace: 5/5
Cover: 5/5

5 stars
4 flames



10 Responses to “Review: Secrets of A Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas”

  1. Robin

    Lisa, I've read this series. It just keeps getting better and better. Keep reading!

  2. Barbara

    I loved this series! It was the series of books that completely hooked me on LK's novels. I then had to find her entire backlist, of course 😉

  3. Robin

    Lisa, I've read this series. It just keeps getting better and better. Keep reading!

  4. Barbara

    I loved this series! It was the series of books that completely hooked me on LK's novels. I then had to find her entire backlist, of course 😉

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