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Reviewer: Lisa
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press (February, 2011)
IBSN: 978-1601548689
ASIN: 1601548680
Pages: 364
Rating: A; Nearly Perfect, A Keeper
Heat Level: 4; Very Hot!
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Lady Wicked by Delle Jacobs

Lady Wicked by Delle Jacobs is a fantastic historical romance that will pull you under it’s spell from the first page to the last. A spectacular tale, with wonderful characters, Jacob’s novel is simply a ‘must read.’

Lord Savoury’s life has taken a drastic turn when he decides to return to his long abandoned home and begin a quiet life as a country gentleman. Yet he is completely shocked when he comes across children tormenting his nemesis Lady Davina Wyckham. Long ago, before her marriage, Savoury flirted with the young woman desiring her above all else. Her presence is an unwanted distractions and Savoury is at a loss to see why the Lady is within his reach when her husband is in London. It is soon revealed that Lady Wyckham has been accused of adultery and forced out of London in disgrace.

Lady Davina Wyckham is determined to make a decent life for herself. Her abusive and cruel husband discarded her with false charges of adultery after he concluded she could not provide him with an heir. While she is delighted to be free of her spouse, he is still working hard to make life difficult for her. She must now ask Lord Savoury for his help. Without it, she is lost, homeless and broke. Their past has left mutual disdain for one another, but they cannot deny the attraction they still feel. While Davina works for her freedom, horrible truths are revealed which will change everything. While they work together to unravel this great mystery, Davina still has to escape the evil clutches of her husband to reach her happily ever after.

A superb and wonderful story, Lady Wicked is the novel you won’t want to end. This novel is a new and original historical adventure with romance and intrigue. I still found myself surprised by many of the developments along the way. It will keep you on your toes wondering how this novel will conclude and how the evil villain will be defeated, if at all. It was a fantastic read that I could not read fast enough. Along the way were two compelling characters and a striking passion. This is a novel about regrets and misunderstanding, so the uncertain feelings between the characters allows for a dramatic buildup of passionate desire.

Then there is the hero! And oh what a hero he is! There is something absolutely special about Viscount Savoury (and what a name too). He is intelligent, stoic and handsome. He was such a kind and patient soul that you could easily see he was the perfect match for Lady Wyckham. His desire and passion for Davina was something to behold…it was breathtaking and dazzling. Davina was amazing as well. She was alone and isolated because of her cruel husband yet she refused to buckle under the pressure. Independence was constantly denied her no matter which way she turned, yet she fought relentlessly for such a goal. She was courage and determination personified. Delle Jacobs has an amazing talent for crafting characters that you care deeply and strongly about. You hang on every word they speak and every thought they have. Whatever these characters go through, you don’t just read about, you experience it to some degree as well.

This reads as a stand alone novel and one that concludes nicely and neatly. You also have a sharp cast of secondary characters to entertain you throughout the novel. They keep the novel moving swiftly when you are not engrossed with the stunning relationship growing between Davina and Savoury. This novel is filled with fun and humorous bits but it also compelling and dramatic. It is all the best components rolled into one.

Once you are finished with this novel, you will know with certainty, this is how historical romance should be written. There are simply not enough words in existence to describe how much I adored this novel. Elaborately and eloquently written, do not miss this release from Jacobs. If you want that emotionally captivating love story that makes you hold your breath and makes your heart flutter, read this novel. Now.

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Writing: 4/5
Interest: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Pace: 4/5
Cover: 3/5

5 stars
4 flames



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    Great review. This book sounds like it's waiting to be made into a made for tv movie.


    Great review. This book sounds like it's waiting to be made into a made for tv movie.

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