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Well the point has finally come where I feel that my blog would run better if I had some more reviewers. 
After all more reviewers would be able to offer up different opinions and add more content to Pages of Forbidden Love.
I do have a couple things that I would be looking for in reviewers on my blog. 
1 ~ I want to keep this blog in the same genre that it is now, this means I’m looking for someone who reads one or more of these categories, YA, Adult Romance, or Urban Fantasy. If you happen to read some Sci-Fi novels that would also count.
2 ~ You would need to be able to read and review at least 2 books per month. Plus you can help keep the blog posts rolling by doing weekly memes or just promo posts/ things that you find interesting in the book world.
3 ~ If you have another blog I ask that what posts and reviews you do on Pages of Forbidden Love are not just copies of what you are posting on your blog. 
4 ~ Also I ask that you do not use Pages of Forbidden Love just for your want of getting ARCs. What do I mean by this? I mean please do not just jump onto tour sites or start asking authors or publishers for books to review because you have joined a site that has been up and running for almost 8 months. Once you have put some hard work like I have into the blog then by all means you can say you review for Pages of Forbidden Love and start jumping on ARC Tour sites.
I will not be providing you books to read, if every once in a blue moon I have an ARC or review copy and you want to read it then sure I will consider mailing it to you but please do not count on me as a resource for books. 
Overall I’m a bit OCD and a slight perfectionist, so I expect a lot. I’m also scared to even ask another person or people to join Page of Forbidden Love because I want to know I can count on the person/people. If you are trustworthy and fit the things that I’m looking for in a reviewer then please send a sample review and a bit about yourself in an email to me at apk1princess(at)live(dot)com.
Please know that I appreciate anyone who wants to join me in this blogging adventure. If I get any people wanting to join me I will read over the emails I might get and decide if I will add more people to this blog or not.



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  1. Sakura Sandra

    Lexa – This comment is regarding your guest post on Heather's blog and I also posted it over there, but just to make sure you get to see here it is:

    Wow Lexa, I never knew your hair was so long! I guess you had it back or I just wasn't that attentive to notice. Pretty!

    Anyway, as for the actual video… I loved True Blood on HBO much more than the books, but I only read one book so I guess I can't compare completely.

    I never read any of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books, but I did see all the movies and I agree about the second one not being very good. I liked the first one well enough. Are the books worth reading?

    I liked the Twilight movies a lot more than the books so far and I wasn't much of a fan of the writing in the books so, not everyone agrees with me there, but that's how I feel on those.

    I loved the Harry Potter books AND the movies, but there are definite discrepancies between the two mediums. I think they are very different in many moments and I sometimes confuse the two in my memory haha. However, the movies were the reason I even liked the books, so perhaps I'm partial to them. 🙂

    I never read or saw Eragon yet, but I bought the first book when it was on sale for $5.00 on the NC. I'll have to get around to it sometime soon!

    The Hunger Games, woo! I loved the series and I like that look of the girl they cast for the lead. I look forward to the movie too. I will give them a chance to portray it properly, but if I don't like the first one, I won't see the rest.

    Incarceron has a pretty cover, but I haven't heard of it before. It sounds right up my alley though, so I'm interested to check it out now!

    Haha, I can see your annoyance at your favorite books being made into movies, because I do agree about some things (I hated the movie versions of Lord of the Rings and I was disappointed with The Chronicles of Narnia, especially after the first one and then the worst ever was Relic – GREAT book, HORRIBLE movie!), but I love movies almost as much as books. I am sad they don't have as many new good movies as they have as many good new books lately, but I am always eager to get some new releases from my Netflix deliveries. 🙂 Movies are nice, because they're like novels packed into the time space of a short story and they often have visual designs and ideas that my mind would never come up with. Although I don't agree with the direction some of them go in or the actors/actresses they pick for the roles, I still love watching things. <3

    Ttyl Lexa and thanks for the idea Heather, because this really sparked my interest and got me thinking! *hugs for some of my favorite B&N/blogger friends!*

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