They Said What?!?

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This post is real simple…a few of our favorite quotes from our recent reads!

Stephanie’s Favorite Quotes:

Dead Man’s Eye by Shaun Jeffrey
Dead Man's Eye

“Then God help us.”

“Well if he doesn’t, then I think we’re well and truly screwed.”

Future Imperfect Book One: Crucifying AngelCrucifying Angel by P.I. Barrington

Yanking the glass doors open he rushed to the receptionist’s opulently thick desk. She looked up at him as if she thought him an escapee from a mental institution.


Lisa’s Favorite Quotes:

Only His by Elizabeth Lowell

”Are you going to offer to kiss it and make it better?” he asked, watching her with an intensity that was just short of demand.

Willow’s checks reddened. “You’re a little old for that, aren’t you?”

“The day I’m too old for a woman’s kiss, I hope they’re reading scripture over my grave.”

For an instant, Caleb held Willow with the force of his eyes alone. She watched him in return, her eyes wide with what could have been desire or fear. Caleb waited for the space of a long breath before he released her by turning away. He had offered the sensual lure. She had refused it. As far as he was concerned, that ended the matter. Fancy lady or not, she had a right to choose her men.

“Go to bed, Willow.”

Caleb’s voice was as cool as the mountain wind. She blinked, surprised by the change from husky warmth to impersonal chill.

“Baking soda,” she said.


“Baking soda would help to ease the stings.”

“I’d rather have your warm little tongue licking my wounds.”

Willow’s breath came in audibly.

“Go to bed, southern lady. Go now.

Devil’s Own by Veronica Wolff

“You’ll keep your mouth shut, aye?”

Elspeth’s voice was breathy when she replied, “I shall be the very picture of obsession.” She blanched. “Discretion. I…I…I shall be the very picture of discretion.”

He gave her a peculiar look. Her heart pounded, and she was certain it was pumping twenty shade of red into her cheeks.

She assured herself it could’ve been worse. She might have accidentally misspoken something more embarrassing. Possession, for instance, or affection. Or, God for fend, erection.

The thought made her squeak.

Not taking his eyes from Elspeth, Aidan posed a question to his sister. “You’re certain this chit has the wits to teach me?”



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