Review: Mistaken Bride by Regan Taylor

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Reviewer: Lisa
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Book 2 of The Bride Series
Publisher: Awe-Struck Publishing – (January 2011)
ISBN: 9781587497
Pages: 227
Rating: B; Great, would want to read again
Heat Level: 3; Minimal love scenes
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Mistaken Bride by Regan Taylor
Mistaken Bride by Regan Taylor is a charming romance about a girl who fought the law and love won. Taylor pens an enjoyable tale that pulls readers in with it’s intriguing drama and endearing characters. Fans of historical western romance are in for a true treat with Mistaken Bride.

Marshal Kendrick Parker is traveling to Wyoming in order to help prove his brother’s wife is innocent of a horrendous crime. A brief stop in St. Louis and he runs straight into Black Bette, a wanted murderess and bank robber. Even thought she adamantly denies she is the wanted fugitive, but rather school teacher Amanda Davis, Kendrick refuses to listen. On the way to help his family, Marshal Parker will escort Bette to other agents out West so she can be transported to San Francisco for her trial. After some time together, Kendrick can’t stop the attraction he feels toward this woman, outlaw or not. The more time he spends around her, the more he second guesses himself. Is this woman Black Bette or not? Or is Kendrick’s heart only telling him want he wants to believe?

Kendrick was a stunning hero. He was the tough guy remaining ambivalent to his feelings for the heroine. When the novel started, he saw the world in terms of black and white. Things had a finality in his world, but as he came to know his captive prisoner, his world quickly flipped to shades of gray. His character soften and became more dimensional compared to the rigid man of the law Mistaken Bride started with. Bette, also know as Amanda, was a great character as well. She was the compassionate school teacher with the kind soul. She was upset with the disruption Kendrick brought to her life, but did her best to make the best of her situation. This heroine is the intelligent woman who really strives to keep her life in order, but her feelings for Kendrick are causing her to stumble a bit and the results are humorous and entertaining.

The beginning of Mistaken Bride started out surprisingly strong. The development of the characters’ romance was stunning but somewhere around the middle they lost a little of their steam. The aftermath and circumstances of the love scene caused a little concern for me as did the heroine’s actions after. To give any more away would spoil the plot of the novel, but suffice to say these may be personal objections rather than something every reader would dislike across the board. It didn’t make me regret reading the novel, far from it, but it did put a little bit of a damper on the overall beauty of the story for me.

I finished this book in a very short time period which is a testament to, despite minor issues, how much I enjoyed the novel overall. The pace of the story was great…there was never a chapter where I was bored or tired with where the novel was going. The author’s description was right on as it vividly took you to the dangerous trails out west. The dialogue was great as well, as it conveyed the emotional development between the two romantic leads and introduced a large and charming cast of secondary characters. A few of these characters were from book one in Taylor’s Bride Series. Mistaken Bride is book two and not having read book one was not an issue to fully enjoying this novel. You learn the details of the first book and most likely, it will encourage you to read it next.

Honestly though…there were many times I lost tract of time because I was so caught up in the rugged world of this novel. The hero and heroine have a long and tumultuous journey in this novel and it was certainly a worthwhile read. Mistaken Bride by Regan Taylor is a charming and delightful romance.

1) Indentured Bride
2) Mistaken Bride

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Writing: 3/5
Interest: 4/5
Originality: 4/5
Characters: 3/5
Pace: 4/5
Cover: 3/5

4 stars
3 flames



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