Review: A Darker Shade of Dead by Bianca D’Arc

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Reviewer: Lisa
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Book 3 Guardians of the Dark
My Source: The Season Reviewers Group
Publisher: Brava – (October 26, 2010)
ISBN: 978-0-7582-4731-5
Pages: 368
Rating: C; Enjoyable, would recommend
Heat Level: 4; Very Hot

A Darker Shade of Dead
by Bianca D’Arc

With A Darker Shade of Dead, you are jumping into book three of the Guardians of the Dark Series. I will admit, I was a bit confused for the first few pages with not having read the previous installments. There is a larger cast of characters and if you are not familiar with them from the previous novels, you will have a little catching up to do. Mainly because all the characters have an intricate part in the groups objective…to rid the world of dangerous zombies and their creators.

Still once you jump into this novel and go through your introductions with the other characters, you will move on to this books focus which is Sandra and Matt. Sandra McCormick is a doctor working for a secret military program which develops genetic experiments to use in the war against the new and destructive race of zombie killers. She has a past and secrets that could ultimately destroy her chances of remaining on this team if they were discovered. Her involvement in the program is her form of atonement for the devastation she feels she caused when this war began.

Matt Sykes is the commanding officer of the team. He is a strong and intelligent leader who trusts no one. Especially not the attractive new doctor whom he can’t stop thinking about. He has been fighting this war for quiet some time and is determined to end it. Matt knows the greatest weapon would be the genetic concoctions Dr. McCormick is developing. When he realizes the enemy is trying to kidnap Sandra, he decides he need to keep her close in order to protect her. Matt and Sandra want each other desperately, but her secrets made be his undoing…

The attraction isn’t instantaneous between these two characters, but when they do connect, the sparks fly. Their romance is sexy, steamy and most times chaotic since they have to develop their relationship amongst all the action and suspense in the story. Ultimately, the background story interrupts the romance quit often and was sometimes a hindrance to fully enjoying their relationship. Sandra and Matt are growing closer during brief moments alone because there is always some much else going on. Yet you will still be drawn into this suspenseful and sexy world D’Arc creates.

A Darker Shade of Dead was an exciting and enjoyable read. D’Arc writes an action filled and romantic story that promises danger at every corner. A large cast of resilient characters, a chilling foe and a passionate romance are just a few of the elements that make this a great paranormal read. It’s really a great mixture of all the best genres. You have the zombies to make the paranormal element, the military action to make for the suspense and the relationships on this team which amp up the romance factor. A little something for every reader can be found in A Darker Shade of Dead.

Series Order:
1) Half Past Dead
2) Once Bitten, Twice Dead
3) A Darker Shade of Dead

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Writing: 3/5
Interest: 3/5
Originality: 3/5
Characters: 3/5
Pace: 4/5
Cover: 4/5

3 stars
4 flames



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