New Fantasy Novel: Ravenwild

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Hi Everyone, today I thought I would showcase a new fantasy novel written by Peter J. Plasse and illustrated by Michael Longenecker. 
Here is a short summary of the book:
Returning home from another grueling shift of E.R. work, Dr. Blake Lee Strong comes across a downed motorcyclist and stops to help, but little does he know that his world and that of his family will soon be turned upside down. Duped into being transported to another planet called Inam’Ra, Dr. Strong and his family are thrust into a medieval world populated by Trolls, Gnomes, Elves, Dwarves, Humans and other alien beings. An epic odyssey begins as the Strong family fights for not only their own survival, but also for the continued existence of the citizens of Ravenwild.
If interested in seeing more, on the Ravenwild website you can read the first two chapters.
I read chapter one and I already feel hooked to this medieval fantasy adventure. The closest thing I could think of as I was reading to compare it to is James Owen’s series about dragons which starts with Here, There be Dragons. So Ravenwild sounds like a great adventure that mixes elements from the present and past along with great fantasy elements.
If interested in purchasing the book it is currently up for sale at the Ravenwild website.
I have also been informed by Michael that the book is soon going to be made into an ebook for the Kindle and on Smashwords. The book is also going to soon be more widely available in paperback and hardcover once the distribution rights are signed in the coming weeks. So I would say keep an eye on this epic fantasy novel, I know I will.



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    Thanks for the props! You are the first to post about Ravenwild on your website. We won't forget that.


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